Hello Resistance, Part 736 (this time with a surprise ending)


I keep sitting down to do The Thing and then not doing The Thing.

I also keep not sitting down.? I’m doing dishes and sweeping the floor and puttering around.

What’s up with this? I want to do The Thing.? But every time I go to do it I don’t do it.

The part of me that doesn’t want to do The Thing is a pouty little girl.

What’s up?

We don’t HAVE TO do this so why do you keep making me sit down at this typewriter? It makes no sense. I want to play.

What do you mean we don’t HAVE TO do this? I want to do this, don’t you?

Well, the point of it is to make money, right? And we don’t need money right now.

Well the point of it isn’t to make money, the point is to [purpose of The Thing].

The pouty girl lights up.

I like that!? I love it actually. I want this!

Yes! Me too!? So how about we sit down and work on this, now fueled by how much we love the purpose of The Thing?

Yeah. She says, less enthusiastically…

Oh. There really isn’t any resistance.? But the timing feels off.

So I go visit my inner time-keeper, the wizard who lives inside the big grandfather clock.

He gives me a great big hug.

Oh sweetie, why do you do this to yourself? Why do you push against time?? The project is still baking!

The wizard points to the oven and sure enough there’s the project, baking.

My impatience just kind of melts away.? The pattern of pushing myself to get to work while also resisting getting to work melts away.

I love this project and want it to be baked to perfection.

And so I went off to play.

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