Dear Soulful Creative Being, You Need To Stop Ignoring Your Power


I had a meeting with the essence (aka heart and soul) of POWER as I was getting ready for my next Creative Journal Class: The Superpower Journal.

I’ll post more details about the class soon but right now I’m having a hard time writing about it.? Power is so vital to being successful as a creative person and it’s also the place where most creatives get all tangled up.

I want to be sensitive about how scary it can feel to fully own your power.? And I don’t want to dilute what I want to say about how important it is that you do make friends with power.

So I’m meeting with power to explore how I want to talk about it.

Power is showing up right now as a cape.? It’s got a big heart on the back, with an eye in the center of it.? And beams radiate out from the heart.

This is what the superpower cape wants you to know:

It is safe to put me on.

Our culture has so many messed up ideas of what power is and how to work with it.? As a result a lot of us, especially the soulful-creative types, tend to shy away from power.

This is a big problem!

You ARE powerful.? Shying away from the truth of who you are distorts your energy.? It’s not healthy for you.

You ARE powerful.? You are here with a purpose.

You need your power to bring your purpose to life.

That’s what power does: it animates dreams.

Power is how you activate your soul qualities.

Power is your friend!? Power will make you happier.? It will help you be more YOU.

And yet, we shy away from it.

A culture where misuse of power has become an epidemic have left us mistrusting power.? Which actually doesn’t make sense.

Pretend you live in a culture where people misusing their beds has become an epidemic.? Every night, people get down on the floor and and roll under their beds and sleep under there – with no pillows or blankets.

Let’s say that one day you discover the true way to use a bed – to sleep on it comfy and cozy with pillows and blankets.

Are you going to shy away from your comfy cozy bed just because other people are using their beds wrong?

When it comes to power, the fact that so many misunderstand and misuse it makes it all the more important that those of us who are awake and sensitive and creative stand strong and tall in our power. We can serve as caretakers, ushering in a new way of living consciously, creatively and powerfully.

Power animates dreams and authenticity and creativity and all good things.

When you want to be more creative in your life what you really need is to be more powerful in your life.

When you want to be more authentic in your life what you really need is to be more powerful in your life.

When you want to be more free in your life what you really need is to be more powerful in your life.

Power is how you bring the qualities of your soul to life.

Power is magic!? Power is a force of healing!

I can’t wait to dive deep into this in The Superpower Journal Creative Journal Class, happening Oct 23 in the Creative Dream Circle.

Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps