Hello week: TKO

I just woke up from a delicious dream… there was a cartoon marching band, making playful music (it’s still floating around in my head) and bopping around.? Each band member was a different kind of being, all shapes and sizes and types of instruments.? It felt like they were each playing their own song, but they came together beautifully.

It was sooooooo happy!

It feels like how I feel about the Creative Dream Circle – everyone’s playing their own song and then when those songs come together it’s beautiful music – all in tune with each other because we’re all playing from the same energy and intention: we’re here to make our dreams real.

We trust (more some days than other, but still) in the importance, beauty and magic of our purpose and are willing to do to the work of bringing it to life.? I am so grateful to be a member of this community and honoured to be the leader of it.

It’s Monday morning and I’m sitting here with three different journals open, looking over Friday’s Creative Genius Explore, Play + Plan Session.

creative journal
creative journal pagecreative journal page


Inviting in the qualities that I want in my week.

Looking over my schedule to see if it still fits my energy.

Looking at my plans to see if they still feel delicious.

Feeling my way into how I want to create this week.

This week I am opening up to a new layer of who-I-really-am.

We’re doing the Playdate with Authenticity on Wednesday. (You’re invited, of course)

Playdates always knock me out with the intensity of re-connecting with parts of my soul I’ve disconnected from.

This time, I’m giving myself lots of time to ease into the playdate, and then lots of post-playdate integration time.

So, I am basically playdating my whole week.


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