Help! I Want To Do Creative Journaling But I’m Not Artistic

Today’s post is a Dreamtastic Creative Journals? post.? Dreamtastic is an ongoing (free!) e-course about using your journal as a tool for transformation, healing and dream-growing.

I get a lot of questions about how to approach creative journaling when you’re not artistic, like this one:

One of my questions would be about using a journal in this way if one is not artistic. For example, I’ve noticed you have a lot of cool lettering and sketches in your pages, but that is something that would be difficult for me. I’m not sure how I would overcome that.

First of all, I want to say… really?? You look at my work and think you can’t do these kinds of sketches?

It’s likely that you can draw stick people if you give it a try!? Or bubble people, as I prefer.

But your journals won’t look like my journals.

They’ll look like your journals.

So if sketching isn’t your thing, you might not do it.? Maybe you’ll do collage:

Or, if you want cool lettering without writing it yourself, you can use scrapbooking supplies in your journal – stickers, rub-ones, stencils, alphabet stamps, collage.

And you can check out this post I wrote about how to draw mandalas (REALLY, it’s easy-peasy).? And once you get started you WILL develop your own drawing style if you stick with it.

Or you can not use art supplies at all if that’s just not your thing.

The CREATIVE in Dreamtastic Creative Journals is about claiming your power to CREATE your WORLD.

I promise – being creative in your journal is NOT about being artistic.? It’s about:

  • learning to act on your creative impulse
  • being willing to make your mark
  • trusting yourself
  • creating your own way instead of following the beaten path
  • dealing with the voices that say “you can’t” and “you’re not good enough”

… this is the stuff of Creative Dreaming!

This is how you build up your Creative Dream Muscles!

Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps