Here’s the real secret of how to get anything you want.

It all comes down to the RELATIONSHIP you have with your dream.

You need to stay present in this relationship in order to have a fruitful successful relationship with your dream - to be in RIGHT relationship with your dream.

Right relationship is about listening and respect and trust and collaboration and love.

The world tells us that these are the kinds of relationships we can have with our dreams:

  1. Sacrifice EVERYTHING for your dream, and maybe your dream will come to you in the end. Self-sacrificing relationship where your personal needs don't matter.
  2. Wish and pray and treat the universe like your personal vending machine and your dream will come to you. Juvenile relationship where you expect everything to be handed to you.
  3. A dream is just a thing to dream about, just keep it on the shelf you have more important things to do. Weird secret relationship that never goes anywhere.

Those are all nonsense! When you come into RIGHT relationship with your dream you enter this powerful place of co-creation.

Your dream is powerful and wise. Partnering with it makes YOU more powerful and wise.

When I forget to partner with my dream I have to do everything myself. I get overwhelmed easily. My options shrink.

When I remember to partner with my dream there is a palpable sense of relief. My dream has an expanded perspective, so it can offer MUCH BETTER IDEAS.

Yes, you can learn to communicate with your dream in such a way that you can RECEIVE it's amazing ideas.

Of course getting there is a process.

But in my experience - anyone who shows up and practices can get there.

And when you get there - you become unstoppable. Your purpose and power become AMPLIFIED by the purpose and power of your dream.

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I do a live coaching call and alchemy class every month as a part of Dream Book. Each month we have a different theme on the calls and this month the theme is working on right-relationship with your dream.

Can't wait to explore this with you!

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