Holistic Creative Chat with Hali Karla


Last week I got to have a Skype date with Hali Karla as a part of her Holistic Creative Circle series, which you can watch below.

I’m teaching in Hali’s Spectrum 2016 Holistic Creative journal (and more!) workshop this year (it starts on May 2),.

Spectrum 2016 is an online multi-media workshop & community, with weekly inspiration and exclusive classes for your creative practice & holistic awareness, including mixed-media art lessons, writing prompts and holistic-centered perspectives & activities from 45 contributors (including me).

I am really happy to be a part of this. ?Hali and I have a really beautiful kindred connection – you can see it in the video. ?It’s such a gift to connect with like-minded (and hearted!) people and create together!

My class in Spectrum 2016 is called Heartbeat.

Drawing all morning + falling in love with the guided journal + colouring book I'm making for @halikarla 's Spectrum 2016 creative holistic workshop. (You can join here: http://bit.ly/spectrumholisticcreative )

Heartbeat is?one of my favourite/most used Creative Soul Alchemy techniques that I use in my creative practice. ?I lead you through how to use it and talk about ways to play around with it and adjust it so it fits your practice.

Then I made a special Heartbeat guided journal and coloring book for it.

But the real magic of Spectrum is that you get lessons from 45 different teachers, so you’re exposed to 45 different styles of working holistically with creative practice – where the focus in on the inner/healing aspect and not on what the art looks like. ?There is a lot of magic to be found in approaching creativity in this way.

Click here to read more about Spectrum 2016.

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