How Do I Start Each Creative Journaling Session?

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How do you start the creative dream journaling? By meditation, by having a theme in your head?. How do you connect to your inner self?

I have been doing your Rainbow~licious Creative Healing Circle (still am) and there the guided meditation (by you) is the start. But I feel that to bring my dreams to live something more is needed. Maybe more practice…


Well, yes, the answer is in the question: practice.

As you explore and develop your own unique creative journal practice you’ll find what works for you.

You can watch the 30 Days of Creative Journals series to see how I approach this from day-to-day.?? I don’t have a specific starting process, it totally depends on where I’m at and what I need in the moment.

It’s less about finding a starting technique that works and more about developing a relationship with your practice.

This way, your journal can meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be.

Some ideas for ways to start:

  • You can ask yourself: What do I need? as you get started and let the answer direct your explorations.
  • You can make a list of Things That Look Like Fun To You from my 30 Days of Creative Journals series? and try them out, one by one.
  • You can write about your day, complain about your boss, describe your dream in all it’s technicolor glory or write love letters to all the things you want to invite into your life.

Experiment and play.? The more time you spend journaling, the more you’ll learn about what does and does not work for you.

The way I approach my journals is so different today than it was just a year ago, it’s changing all the time.

And, sometimes education is needed.

Bringing your dream to life is usually a bigger job than anyone can do on their own.? I’ve worked with TONS of teachers and mentors in the process of bringing my dreams to life.

There is something extra-magical about working with a transformational program.? Programs create a container for the magic to happen in, they lead you through the process so you can play and explore with confidence knowing that you are headed towards where you want to be.

creative journaling
This is an example of a Treasure Map I made in my journal that I made during one of my Virtual Playdate events, where I lead the group through a transformative journaling processes over the phone.

A good teacher will introduce you to whole new worlds of possibility and show you how to create Creative Dream Momentum.

But it’s your commitment to your own personal practice that determines how much you and your dreams are going to thrive.