What Kind of Music is Best for Creative Journaling?

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Today’s question:

What type of music should one listen to while journaling?


The whole point of journaling is to get in touch with what’s going on in your inner world.

If you’re listening to music or watching tv, you’ve got someone else’s words/thoughts/ideas/stories floating around in your head!?

This totally defeats the purpose.

Journaling is quality time with yourself.? Surround yourself with things that support this.

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For some, instrumental or new age music is helpful.? When I do live workshops sometimes I create specific playlists of different styles of music for each part of the workshop – focusing on rhythm, energy and emotion and using instrumental or non-English/French music so my participants wouldn’t be able to understand the words.

But usually – SILENCE.

Even new age or classical music puts you in a certain energy space.? If that certain energy space is not the right space for where you’re at emotionally – well, you’re just fighting your own process.


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