How Drawing Mandalas Helps You Bring Your Dreams To Life

It?s Mandala Week on my blog!? Every day this week I?m posting about the magic of Mandalas, in celebration of The Mandala Class, which starts on Monday, September 15.

How drawing mandalas helps you bring your dreams to life.

This week I’ve been talking about how drawing Mandalas can help with intuitive development and emotional healing and transformation.

Ultimately all of this is all about making your dreams real.

Your dream is your soul calling you towards your purpose and your actual self.

Your dream is really not about the external thing, it’s about who you become in the process of making it happen.

Having your dream is about stepping up, shining your light and living your life as your actual self.? No excuses, no holding back, no fitting yourself into strange shapes to meet other people’s expectations.? Radiant authenticity and deep down soul integrity.

Most dreams are about:

  • learning more about what your heart really wants
  • finding the courage to let go of what doesn’t fit and go after what you want
  • learning how to trust yourself
  • getting creative about how you’re living your life
  • being more aligned with your soul truth
  • showing up more powerfully in the world

Heart. Courage. Trust. Creativity. Alignment. Power.

These are inner qualities.? But as you work with them things change in your outer world.

It’s like your world is a puzzle.? You are the puzzle piece right in the middle of the puzzle.? Other puzzle pieces can only click in to your puzzle piece if the shapes match.

So as you change your puzzle piece, through integrating the qualities of your dream like heart, courage, trust, creativity, alignment and power, the pieces around you change.

They have to!?

The old pieces that were around you have to fall away because they don’t fit anymore.

Then new puzzle pieces can come… these puzzle pieces can be different jobs, a different partner (or a new relationship with the old one), new creative projects or hobbies, entrepreneurial ventures or just a healthier outlook on like.

The new pieces might be really similar to the old ones, just lighter, happier and more at peace or they might be totally different.

Things change on the outside to reflect changes you make on the inside. This is how heart dreams come to life.

And where to Mandalas fit in this?

Mandalas are a way of working with qualities.? Looking back to the posts I wrote about how drawing Mandalas can help with intuitive development and emotional healing and transformation you see a definite theme: Mandalas are a way of focusing your inner work.

If you are a visual person, if you like to play with colour and pattern then Mandalas are a really perfect way of doing this because the more you enjoy the work the more engaged you’ll be with it.? The more engaged you are with it, the more fully you integrate the qualities of your dream and the more completely it will alter your whole world.

In The Mandala Class I’ll be sharing a process for working specifically with the energy of the qualities of your dream.? This will help make it easier to work with and integrate the qualities of your dream, so you can change your puzzle piece.

The Mandala Class happens inside the Creative Dream Circle, so when you sign up for The Mandala Class you also get all of my other classes, including the Creative Dream Incubator e-Course which is my master class in the art of bringing any dream to life.? In that class I go into loads of detail on every aspect of bringing your dream to life.

The Creative Dream Incubator e-Course will show you how it all works together.? Once you’ve got that part down, drawing Mandalas will help you stay the path.? They’re like Creative Dream Tune-Ups to keep your dream ship sailing smoothly towards the land of dreams.

We start Monday.? I hope you’ll join me for this.

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