How Drawing Mandalas Helps You Heal And Transform Your World

It?s Mandala Week on my blog!? Every day this week I?m posting about the magic of Mandalas, in celebration of The Mandala Class, which starts next Monday, September 15.

How drawing mandalas helps you heal and transform your world

Today’s post builds on what I wrote yesterday I wrote about How Drawing Mandalas Helps You Be More Intuitive.

Healing is about coming into deeper alignment with your truth.

At your core you are pure sparkling spirit.? Infinitely creative, wise, joyful and loving.? Full of life.? Ridiculously inspired.? Deeply purposeful.? You’re here on a mission and you’ve got all the resources and support you need to complete that mission.

(Your dreams point you towards your mission, we’ll explore more about that in tomorrow’s post)

While this is the truth of who you are at your core, this may not always be how you experience yourself or your life.

When that is the case, healing the disconnect between your soul truth and your experience in this moment brings you back into alignment with your soul truth.

Healing is something I work on every day.

I have all these parts of me who are not in alignment with my soul truth:

  • The part of me that secretly wonders if everyone else knows something I don’t.
  • The part of me that thinks that believing in dreams is ridiculous.
  • The part of me that thinks I can never work hard enough.
  • The part of me who is working her ass off to be “good enough”.
  • The part of me who just wants to hide.

So here I am, in my bus of creativity and joy, driving along the path of dreams.

If I let any of these parts of me anywhere near the driver’s seat they turn the bus around so fast my head starts to spin.? They’ll drive me halfway to the land of Let’s Just Not Go After Our Dreams before I even know what’s happening.

It takes discipline to stay in the driver’s seat and keep the bus steered towards my dreams.

I used to think it was just easier for other people to stay positive.

Or that because I have all these doubts, that must mean I’m not actually good enough to make my dreams real.

I wondered if I was doing something wrong.? That success must just be for other people.

Before I understood how healing actually works, I didn’t even realise how many little monsters were steering my bus.? No wonder I was constantly taking steps but not really getting anywhere!

This is the really tricky part – these voices have been whispering lies to you for so long you don’t think to question them.? Listening to them is all you know.

Any thought that says that you are not 100% amazing, gifted and capable of bringing your dreams to life is a lie.

Healing is about transforming the lies and bringing yourself back into truth: you’re an absolute superstar and you can do anything.? This kind of healing is an integral part of making your dreams real because it’s how you get in touch with your power source.

If you’re working on your dreams, but it feels like you’re on a bit of a hamster wheel (you’re moving as fast as you can but not getting to where you want to be) that means more healing is needed.? You’re listening to the wrong inner voices, which are steering you in the wrong direction.

So where do Mandalas fit in?

The main reason why you listen to and act from your inner critics and limiting beliefs is because that’s what you’re used to.? It’s an established pattern.

Most people just swirl around in their established patterns for their whole lives.

But if you want to make your dream real you know you need to change the patterns.

To change the patterns you need to be aware of them, and you need to access the deeper truth beneath the pattern so you can see a new possibility and then shift into it.? Which is easier said than done.

A lot of things help with this. Mandalas are one of them.

Mandalas are particularly useful if you are a creative person who is drawn to colour and pattern, and if you like the idea of drawing and colouring.

In my How To Draw Mandalas tutorial I talk about how it’s all about your approach and the awareness you bring to the process.

While you’re drawing Mandalas, you are essentially creating patterns.? And then you move onto the next row in the Mandala and you create NEW patterns.? Shapes shift and change.? New possibilities emerge.

As you are working with creating and re-creating patterns on the page, you are in the energy of creating and re-creating patterns. It’s hard not to notice how the elements you’re working with are really fluid and they can be put together in different ways.

Shifting patterns.? Once you start to see how some patterns can shift, it opens up new ways of seeing.? If x can shift in this way, could y shift in that way?

It feels to me that this is happening subliminally beneath the surface as I’m drawing Mandalas.? And once in a while a seed germinates and pops up into consciousness as a result.

The main way how drawing mandalas helps you heal and transform your world is through connecting with intuition.

Looking at everything I said yesterday about How Drawing Mandalas Helps You Be More Intuitive, and how it’s all about being connected with our inner superpowers you can see how that is also how I am describing healing.

Being more connected to your inner truth helps you root out the lies that keep you small.? Rooting out those lies is what healing is.

Intuitive healing is, in my opinion, the most powerful kind of healing because it’s coming from exactly the part of you that you want to be more in touch with!? Any other approach to healing, where you’re working through someone else’s process or following specific steps or using certain tools is just clumsy.

What really heals you is connecting to who you really are, so allowing who you are to be steering your process (aka intuitive healing) is really the most effective way to go.

But all of this is really hard to explain with words!

That is exactly why Mandalas are a good tool for working with intuition and healing – they bypass words and bring you into the experience.

This is what we?ll be doing in The Mandala Class, which starts next Monday, September 15.

And tomorrow I?ll be blogging about the other part of this – working with Mandalas for bringing your dreams to life.

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