New Purple Chairs for the Dream Loft (AKA How Grief Is An Important Part of Creative Dreaming)

I made purple slipcovers for my pink chairs.

I remember buying these chairs, only 8 years ago.? I spent months searching for the exact-right-chairs in the exact-right-shade-of-pink.

Did you know I have 1/2 a degree in interior design, and an actual degree in fashion design?

I have learned a lot about colour, and design.

I dropped out of interior design school because I already had clients and every one of them wanted me to do the same thing for them: make their homes beautiful just like the interior design magazines.


I wanted to help people tap in to their creative magic, to help them create spaces that would make their souls sing.

Spaces that would nurture and incubate their dreams.

I made a whole program about it.?? I worked on it for months and months and months.

And all my clients wanted was pretty houses, just like in the magazines.? Which is kind of how I would describe hell.

That’s when I went back to school to become a spiritual teacher/counselor/mentor-in-bringing-your-dreams-to-life.

So, I had these perfect-shade-of-pink chairs.

Perfect for me-from-then.

And me-from-now was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with them.? Me-from-now definitely wants deep, luscious purple.

So I made slipcovers.

And they are perfect.

Except for the hard part.

Saying goodbye to the me who loved those pink chairs!

Saying goodbye to her dreams.? Remembering the hopes she had for the life she was creating when she bought those chairs, how optimistic she was about it all and how it all fell apart and how that still hurts.

With each step forward you have to let go of another thing from the past.

The importance of giving yourself time and space to grieve.

If you don’t grieve that stuff it stops you from taking steps forward.? It stops your dreams from growing.

Finally covering the pink chairs showed me how much grieving I still have to do.

We all, pretty much always, have more grieving to do.

Consciously giving yourself time and space to grieve is, surprisingly, an important step in moving your dreams forward.? Sad, but true.