How to be BADASS

As I shared last week, for the past year I’ve been running a group called Advanced Creative Badassery.? About how if you want to break out of your own patterns and limitations and create your dreams in your world – you’ve got to be kind of basass.

Then my friends Jenn and Amanda sent me a badass email about this new thing they are doing:

Positive Panties. Curing the crabbies one sweet ass at a time.

When they asked me to join the party, how could I say no?

I made a video for their “How To Tap Into Your Badassery” e-Book.

And, since badassery is important to me, I wantd to share it with you too.? This is how I tap into my badassery:

The Badassery e-Book is free.? Download it here.

Also: Positive Panties needs your help! Click here to read more.

PS: The Creative With Money Online Playdate is happening at the end of the month!

Past participants have called this ?A smashing success?, ?Life-changing? and ?So full of magic I?m still seeing stars and glitter!?

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