Creative Dream TV: Guilt over asking for money for your creative gifts

Most creative people have a hard time asking for what their work is worth.

This week's Creative Dream TV question:

"I'm a freelance editor who often works directly with writers. My?clientele?(writers) are notoriously poor! I feel the service I provide is valuable, but I feel guilty charging what I think I should be earning because I know that so many of my clients will struggle to find the money. What should I do? Should I try to find a different clientele??

How can I find the balance between what my clients can pay and what I need to earn?"

In this situation, we have a creative person working with creative people so it's compounded.? But what's happening beneath the surface is what's happening with a lot of creative people:? getting all twisted up when it comes to asking for money for our work - enough money so we can live comfortably.

Watch the episode now:

(Yes, I am wearing my new sovereignty crown!)

Creative WITH Money!

Creative people struggle with money so much because we don't use our creative gifts and strengths when we deal with money.

Admit it - you shut off your brilliant creative genius when it comes to money.

It's time to stop doing that.


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