I did it! Starting the new Dream Book

Yesterday I sat with what felt like heavy resistance, and just took one tiny step at a time, and got the first few pages of a brand new Dream Book set up.

I didn’t actually do that much, but it felt like a lot because of all of the resistance I had.

And - I didn’t actually do that much, but today when I sat down to my creative dream practice - I had a whole new Dream Book to play in!

I had a container to explore my new dreams!!

Which is vital because exploring new dreams is nebulous and vulnerable and awkward so it’s soooo easy for resistance to creep in and then take over.

So today I opened up my brand new container. And it felt empty but I had cut + pasted enough of the Dream Book printables that I had places to start. I had prompts and processes to work with and….

I saw the thing I’d been dancing around in my journaling and meditation for the last few weeks.

I have been in a shift from:

“I want to create my life as this amazing thing, to have my outer life reflect what I feel in my inner life - reflect my values and preferences.”


"Life IS this amazing thing! I just want to enjoy it”

Which doesn’t mean I think one of these approaches is better than the other one. And it doesn’t mean I think this is a permanent shift! We are alive and growing and so are our dreams, always.

I’m just noticing a shift in my own preference, a shift in what I feel called towards right now.

And I’d been feeling that shift for a while but only saw parts of it, like I know I want something to change but I don’t know what. And now I know what.

It can be so uncomfortable to sit with our dreams, to keep practicing creative dreaming, in the times when we don’t know exactly what our dreams are. It brings up so many uncomfortable feelings that we want to give up.

But we can’t find our way through by not showing up for the journey, you know?

I had so much fun this morning, journaling and exploring in my Dream Book. I have been journaling lately, but this morning it's like I was REALLY journaling, fully in it.

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