I feel so optimistic about the future.

I just walked 30 minutes to one of my favourite coffee shops.

It's a bakery with a wood fired oven, so it's toasty warm in here all winter, and smells amazing. Off to the side is a little coffee shop with windows along both walls letting in so much sun, and the whole place is full of plants.

Between the heat and the sunshine and the plants it really is an epic place for journaling on winter mornings. (When the weather is nicer I prefer outdoor spots)

I'm sitting at a bar along the window, with a fresh quiche tart (red pepper and feta) and a really good cup of coffee.

Today's the day, Slow the f*ck down! BE as powerful, creative and magnetic as you ARE is happening this afternoon.

I have an almost-daily meeting with the soul of my dreams. Last summer it sent a really clear message one day: Slow the fuck down!!!!!!

I was like "Wow I don't think you have ever sworn at me before"

And my dream was like "This is the perfect language to convey the intensity with which I want you to slow down."

And I was like "OK, I guess" but I didn't really get it.

Then the next day the message was "BE as powerful, creative, and magnetic as you ARE" and over the next week or so it became clear that these two messages worked together.

Here's the thing: I was already moving slower than I was comfortable with. I was moving slower than I wanted to. I was moving slower than I see everyone around me moving.

So I didn't see how this message applied to me.

But the soul of my dreams is this energy force that includes my own soul purpose and potential, everything my heart desires, and all the ways I need to heal and grow to be able to move towards any of this. It has never steered me wrong.

So last August, I created the "slow the fuck down! BE as powerful, creative and magnetic as you ARE" journaling + meditation invitation. I journaled and mediated on this them every day for 30 days and shared this on my blog, and invited everyone to do it with me.

This theme still pops up inside Dream Book.

I've been surprised by how many members are finding their dreams also telling them to slow the fuck down.

Since then, I have continued to work with these messages when they come up. Some of the things I've learned:

1. This thing where I like to go for a walk or bike ride FIRST THING in the morning and then do some coffee + journaling - it's vital for my wellbeing. The voice that says "Maybe skip all that today, you have a lot of work to do" is always wrong.

2. Just because I was moving way slower than the people around me, and waaaaayyyyy slower than I was raised to move, still doesn't mean I am moving slow enough!

3. I carry a lot of generational trauma around working hard. It's very heavy in my body.

4. Me, moving slow, enjoying my life, pursuing whatever the fuck I feel inspired to pursue - this is my ancestor's wildest dreams for me. At one point I got in touch with one particular ancestor, I don't know who they were, but I could feel all the joy they felt about my life and were cheering me on to be even happier.

5. I started working on a passion project: embroidering my own clothes. I have been making my own clothes for a long time, which brings me a lot of joy, but embroidering my own clothes is next-level. I did not anticipate the joy and healing I would receive from this.

6. I wore one of my embroidered dresses to therapy and showed my therapist and she said "Wow! I have so many questions!" and we ended up having a really deep and intense therapy session around embroidery and how I am re-claiming my creative spirit and some of my original creative dreams as a young person fresh out of university.

I feel so optimistic about the world right now.

As the systems we have lived inside collapse, something so much better is ready to be birthed.

Slowing down is a form of dis-connecting from the culture we live in, so we can re-consider our values and needs, and create whole new ways of being.

I am so thrilled to be doing this work.

I hope you'll join me today for Slow the Fuck Down! Be as Powerful, Creative and Magnetic as you ARE.

It's happening at 1:00 Central (North America).

But the replay will be amazing too. On our last live call we had a conversation about this - some people had been re-listening to old calls and realizing that there is a potent magic found in the replays that is not on the live calls. Just like there is a different kind of magic on the lives.

Join us here.

I feel so optimistic about the future.