I set a big goal and it was a big flop

It's good to fail.

You already know this. The internet is full of memes about the magic of failing and yet... the truth is sometimes failing just feels like failure and it's a shitty feeling.

Last month I set a really big goal for myself. A goal that make me laugh it was so ridiculous.

It happened during the monthly alchemy + coaching call I lead in the Creative Dream Circle. I was really feeling the magic and this big, ridiculous goal just came to me.

And I said yes to it, with my whole heart.

It felt funny, it felt ridiculous, but it also felt inspiring.

So I really went after it....

And I failed spectacularly.

But I feel like a success because I spent the month PLAYING WITH this way of dreaming bigger and thinking bigger.

Sure, nothing changed for me in the outer world but working with this big goal for a month absolutely ROCKED my inner world.

It showed me more clearly where and how and why I hold back.

It showed me more clearly what I want next for my life.

I feel deeply changed by this experience.

And it inspired a whole new way of relating to my work, it inspired a whole new way of putting myself out there, which I am now excited to start working on.

Right now, I'm so glad I went for the big goal and failed. It put me on an amazing new path.

But of course there have been times in the past when I have set smaller, more reasonable goals, and I failed miserably and FELT LIKE a huge failure.

This is just the nature of dreaming.

You set a goal for yourself, you aim to move yourself in a specific direction, and then... well almost no one ends up exactly where they set out to be.

You end up where you end up.

And the important work is what happens next.

(This is also why it's important to put DATES on your goals, or else they just kind of fade away into oblivion)

The important work comes after you've set the goal and.. you end up where you end up.

If you process your feelings about where you ended up, you WILL find a gift in it. The gift could be clarity about what you REALLY want or a deeper understanding of where you hold back with your dreams or coming face to face with the thing in you that needs healing so you CAN move forward, it could be something entirely different.

But there is always a gift.

And when you process your feelings and receive that gift, then you can use the gift to set the next goal and move towards it.

It's this long term process of setting goals, then looking back on what happened with the goal, processing all of your feelings about that, listening to your inner wisdom about what to do next, and then setting the next goal.


It's a circle.

If you're just setting random goals and not looking back, reflecting, processing, connecting to inner wisdom and using all of this information to set the next goal then... you're not going to create any kind of momentum towards your dream.

You need to connect the circle. And then keep moving in it.... so it becomes a wheel.

You absolutely cannot fail as long as you stay engaged in this way.

It will take the time it takes, but you WILL get there if you stay on the path.

This is why I do a monthly call in the Creative Dream Circle.

We do alchemy work to connect more deeply with our intuition and dreams, reflect on last month's goals, process our feelings about what's happening, and use everything we learned to set a goal for the next month.

We do this *every month*

And each month we go deeper and deeper into it. (And yes everybody misses a month here and there, that's fine... as long as you keep coming back to it)

So THAT is why I could set this ridiculously HUGE goal, and fail spectacularly at it, and receive healing and inspiration from that experience instead of feeling like a failure.

That's why I am moving forward with more inspiration and clarity than I had before I failed at my goal.

You NEED to be able to fail in order to get your dream.

If every time you fail that knocks you off the path - you're not going to get there. If failure is knocking you off the path then you need more support for processing the failures.

Again - I can help you with this! The Creative Dream Circle is full of tools for working through this stuff.


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