I want to help people help people.


If you feel that call to help people then you are “one of the helper-people”.

Life coaches, artists, healers, therapists, teachers. ?We have that passion to make a difference.

It’s a really beautiful thing.

It’s also a really stressful thing because figuring out how to help is tricky.

The big questions usually are:

  • How do I help? ?How much training do I need? Am I ready/good enough?
  • How do?I help others without depleting myself?
  • Can I really make a living helping others? ?Really? How?

And?these questions have?dozens of other questions living inside of them.

For those of us who are called to help, figuring out how to do it successfully?is some of the most difficult and rewarding work we ever do.

I have been helping people make their dreams real, as my full time job, for just over five years.

And I was doing it on the side while working in an office job for about 5 years before that (back when I used to believe that it would be impossible for me to make a good living doing this work).

And for ten?years before that I dreamed of helping people without having any clue how to do it. ?All I knew is that I wanted to help make this world a better place, somehow, using my creativity.

Helping people is something I have always been called to do.

But the call didn’t come with instructions.

So I spent a lot of time stumbling around trying to figure stuff out,?which was frustrating and painful and awful.

Which is why I started doing?”helper-people group coaching” to help others navigate this path.

For the last two years I’ve run this as a small coaching groups. ?In these groups I have helped people to:

  • Figure out how to start their helping business
  • Create marketing plans that feel good and inspiring?to implement
  • Narrow down their ideas and figure out where, exactly, to focus
  • Start blogging + vlogging (video blogging)
  • Find ways to factor self-care into their work day
  • Work on boundaries with clients?and customers
  • Find the courage to raise their prices
  • Decide if self employment is really for them or if there is a different way for them to help

This year I want to make it more accessible so I’m doing it as a bigger thing, free and open to everyone who is a member of the Creative?Dream Circle.

This February we’ll do a four special coaching calls for healers/coaches/artists/helpers to dive into the work of growing your work.

You’ll start with a specific intention for what you want to do/learn/figure out/manifest during the month and, together, we’ll dig in and make it happen.

I’m not going to promise that I can make the path easy or anything like that (I think it’s hard for a reason – we’ll get into that on these calls).

But I can help shine a light on the hard parts and help you navigate them with more ease and grace.

I can offer guidance, encouragement and?ridiculous amounts of inspiration and motivation to take some big steps towards your dream this February.

We’ll focus on two areas: helping you get better at helping people (grow your self/skills) and helping you help more people (grow your work/business).

Again – helping the helper-people group coaching is going to be free for all Creative Dream Circle members. ?So if you want to get in on these calls just join the Circle.

If you’re unsure about spending the money – then the first thing you’ll focus on in the coaching calls is to find a way to double your investment – it will cost $147 to join so we’ll find a way for you to make a quick $294 helping other people.

(Also the next thing we’re doing in the Creative Dream Circle this year is my Creative?With Money class – so if you join I’ll definitely be able to help you work through money blocks!)

The calls will happen?February 8, 15, 22, 19 (Mondays at 11am Central).

All calls will be recorded. ?If you can’t be on the calls live you can email me your questions and listen to my answers on the recording and participate?in the online forum.

If you’ve got any questions about how this can help YOU, just send me an email using the contact form on this page.

Looking forward to this!

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