I was wrong. Again. About that new project.

Last week I wrote that I'd have my new GUIDED JOURNAL TO HELP YOU DO YOUR IMPOSSIBLE PROJECTS (!) ready to share this week.

Ha.I was wrong.

Well. I did finish it.

BUT I didn’t want to publish it the way I had done with previous journals - on Amazon.

I only want to work with companies whose values align with mine, and profiting billions from a pandemic without providing paid health leave or even decent working conditions to your employees just doesn’t feel very dreamy to me.

And yet, Amazon has this great system in place, to make it easy for anyone to publish a book, AND makes it easy for people to buy the book, almost anywhere in the world. Those qualities ARE dreamy.

So I did format the book for Amazon and was preparing it for sale there….

Thinking, even though Amazon will make more money on this than I will, this is the best way to start because it’s simple and lets me focus on making MORE journals, and once I had more journals ready I could look at better ways to do the publishing and sales.

But the Amazon journal just kept not feeling right.

Sitting with that feeling led me to do an experiment this weekend…. creating a journaling KIT with multiple journals plus booklets - all the same content but put together in a much more CREATIVE and ALIVE and ENTICING way.

I could see this kit really helping people get EXCITED to do the hard work of making their impossible projects happen.

And it felt soooooo exciting. So much creative energy!


It also felt like “Oh wow I am doing So Much Work on this, and the ideas behind my work took 20 years to develop and the way I am doing this with this printing company is soooooo cute but.. the printing company gets almost all the money.” I mean that’s better than Amazon getting it but…

Sitting with that feeling led me to see ALL SORTS of other ways I can do this - to make the content FUN and ACCESSIBLE and also for THE CREATIVE DREAM INCUBATOR to make most of the money.

Sitting with these uncomfortable feelings is the worst.

Especially when I’m already finishing this project a year behind schedule and all I really want is to BE DONE and put it out there.


I’m going to hold onto it a little longer.

Keep exploring these new ideas.

I think I really have something here.

Sometimes I just finish a project only to learn how I REALLY wanted to do that project. And the next step is to start the whole thing over. This is how it is sometimes.

If you've got some uncomfortable feelings about your creative proejcts, I invite you to sit with them too.

The hard/stuck places have SO MUCH to teach us and can often show us the BEST way to do the thing.

And you don't have to be alone with it!

I offer TONS of practices and support for doing the deeper Inner Work as a part o my ongoing creative dream mastermind.

I was wrong. Again. About that new project.

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