I’m kind of blown away by how many people are starting to wake up and step up right now.

So many people are waking up to so many things.

And as awkward and painful as it is to look at this stuff, we were never going to create a better world, a sustainable world with human rights and a good life for everyone, by avoiding the uncomfortable things.

It's one thing to agree with this in theory, and it's a totally different thing to really look at your self, your life, and your work, and notice where YOU need to change, on a personal level, and then look at where you can contribute to positive change in the world around you.

But that's been what is happening! All over the place! This is so exciting!

Marketing coaches are saying "A lot of what I've taught actually is pretty sleazy, I just try to put a nice veneer on it and say I'm doing better. I wonder what it would look like to actually DO better."

Holistic healers are saying "Some of the teachings I use may be culturally appropriated, I don't have a clear connection to the source of the teachings. This is so scary to look at, but I am going to figure out how to be more in integrity with my values in how I put this out there."

And spiritual teachers noticing where they teach spiritual by-pass and doing the work to try to clean up their communities.

Everywhere I look there are examples of shifting priorities and sharing vulnerable realizations and speaking up and figuring out how to show up.

So much good is happening.

Of course, there are also a lot of people going in the other direction. Q-Anon has taken over a huge part of the New Age movement. Where I live, a conservative Christian city hosted an anti-lockdown rally recently - while their hospital is stretched beyond its limits with COVID cases. Plenty of internet marketing gurus are still toting the "making 7 figures during the pandemic is the best way to live your best life" nonsense.

Because it IS so awkward/difficult/vulnerable/painful to really look at ourselves and examine our own shadows, it gets tempting to just look in the other direction. In fact, if you don't have the right supports and tools to do the real and difficult work of transformation - going in the other direction feels like your only option.

Without making excuses for anyone - it's human nature to have walls up around looking at that kind of thing.

So how can WE help support the change we want to see in the world?

I think we need to keep asking ourselves this, as a way to make space for the answers to come.

Image description: Me, laying on the floor, painting with watercolours. Watercolour painting is one of my favourite ways to calm the fuck down and dial in a little deeper to my inner self. I'm doing a lot of it these days.

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