This is what healing looks like

This is what healing looks like

This weekend I ordered take out from one of my favourite restaurants.

A woman met me at the door to ask my name. Through the window I saw her coming back out of the kitchen holding my order and it really hit me right in the feels.

These people cooked my favourite meal for me, and now this woman was walking back to the kitchen to bring it to me at the door, so I didn’t even have to go inside and we didn’t take a risk of infecting each other.
It all felt so beautiful I wanted to cry for a minute there. I felt so loved. And like we’re all in this together. My heart was sparkling the whole way back home

This was so far away from how I was feeling just the day before, when nothing was working and everything was overwhelming and all I could do was cry.

But this was also a direct result of me giving myself the space to feel how I feel when everything felt stuck.

Feel how you feel, and then let it go when it’s done. This is actually the best way to hold onto the gifts and lessons - by releasing the rest.

This really does open you up to all sorts of good feelings, like turning ordering take out into some kind of cosmic experience of love and connection.

But more importantly, it opens you up to YOURSELF.

Your wishes and dreams, your authenticity, your potential - and your inner wisdom which shows you how to get there.

This is what we’re doing today at the Healing Circle for 2020, making space for reflection, processing and release.

This will be about 60-90 minutes long, depending on the discussion. We'll do a special meditation with time for reflection on your 2020 and journaling and then an alchemical releasing process.

You'll leave with a few prompts to keep exploring over the next month, and to allow the healing and release to INTEGRATE, so you are ready for the Blessing Circle for 2021 that we’ll do in January.

I can’t wait!

Join me here.

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