Why I’m Raising The Price Of My Classes

Why I?m Raising The Price Of My Classes

Late 2013 I got the inspiration to offer my classes differently, to drop the price dramatically of my Creative Dream Circle and to offer all members ALL of my classes for one low price.? (Before that, my Creative Dream Incubator e-course alone cost $147)

This included a fair amount of unknowns.

I had a plan to add new classes regularly for all of 2014 but… a plan is not a promise. People were joining and were going to get “everything I made for the rest of the year” without being 100% sure what that would be.

But here we are, looking towards the end of 2014. I’ve spent this year adding new classes, guided journals and resources to the Creative Dream Circle, making it worth more every month.

So, with all the new classes in there, at this point the $100/year price FEELS wrong.

Doing things that feel wrong is NOT how dreams are born.

Your feelings always know the right way to go. Your discomfort is your intuition speaking to you and if you listen you’ll discover the next step towards your dream.

So I am listening to my feelings and raising the price.

At $147 for a whole year of magic, overflowing with courses and resources, the Creative Dream Circle is still the most generous offering I’ve seen out there.

I imagine, as I keep adding cool new stuff, the price will start to feel off again and I’ll adjust it again. Nothing else in the world stays the same, why should my prices?

But the biggest reason is this: this means the world to me.

I believe in the power of YOUR dreams to change the world.

I believe in the power the Circle to empower you to bring those dreams to life – with less second-guessing yourself and not knowing what to DO and getting stuck and taking detours and procrastination and self-sabotage.? The Circle works.

This is so important to me, to provide a space where people can ACCELERATE the path to creating a life that feels true to them, that inspires them and makes them happy every day.

There’s nothing else out there that works so deeply to bring your creative self, your spiritual self and your emotional self together, which makes it so much easier for your physical self to walk that path.

So I need to make sure I can take care of this space.?

As the cost of everything goes up over time, I need to make sure the Creative Dream Circle is bringing in enough money so it can have what it needs – the behind the scenes tools and supports that keep everything running smoothly.

The $100/year subscription does need to increase so that I can keep taking care of the Circle well into the future so that the Circle can keep taking care of the members well into the future.

Imagine what would change if you felt wildly empowered and perfectly supported in bringing your biggest dreams to life.

It doesn’t just mean you have your dream, it means you feel confident and empowered and inspired and WILDLY CREATIVELY ALIVE.

I want to live in a world that is full of people who are WILDLY CREATIVELY ALIVE.? Who are pursuing interesting things and making a difference in the world.

I believe that this is how we CHANGE the world – one inspired, awake being at a time.

I believe that this is what I’m here to do, and I’m committed to doing my best job.? This includes doing what I need to do to take care of the business end of things which includes this price increase.

The price is going up on August 9, that’s this Saturday.

So Friday, TOMORROW, is the last day to sign up at the $100/year price.

You’ll get everything that’s already in the Circle, plus the classes I’m adding this fall and winter (The Mandala Class, The Superhero Journal Creative Journal Class and The Peaceful Happy Holiday Season) … plus whatever I add next year.

When you join at the $100/year rate – you KEEP that $100/year rate for as long as you choose to remain a member.

Want to join? Click here for the details.