Making Space For Things To Change.

I spent yesterday morning cleaning the Dream Loft and re-arranging – moving furniture, organising drawers, experimenting with how I want things to be.

Making Space For Things To Change

Really, I was making space for a new me who was ready to emerge.

A me who is more connected to her inner magic and more willing to use it and live it and be it.

Because yesterday afternoon we had the live tele-class part of The Magic Journal Creative Journal Class, which is really an energy healing with journals and glitter pens.

We pinpointed the energy patterns that would need to be transformed to make space for us to align more fully with our inner magic, and then we started the process of transforming those energy patterns.? Then that deep internal alignment just kind of falls into place.

After our call I was so glad I had re-arranged things and made my space feel so different because I felt so different on the inside.

The part of me who is always connected to her DEEP magic was bigger.? The part of me who is unsure was smaller.? It’s a little disorienting.

Inner work is so invisible.? And energy patterns are easy to shift in the moment, but it’s trickier to hold a new way of being over time.

I like to re-arrange my space, especially getting rid of old stuff and being really thoughtful about what new stuff my new self will need, to help hold and solidify new ways of being.

To remind me that things have changed and to help me get grounded in the new.

My new, super-ultra-connected-to-her-inner-magic-self needs:

  • better storage and more organisation for sewing because she is sewing a TON of adorable dresses
  • for the miracle pod to take up more space and have more cushions because she is going to spend more time there
  • more small drawers for storing art supplies so it’s easier to make art every day without the creative mess starting to take over
  • a big open space for that giant paper mache project
  • clear space between desk and bookshelf because that feels open and expansive
  • stone lanterns upstairs by the huge window because they feel magical
  • a new morning meditation ritual that helps me feel more sparkly inside and out

My heart feels like it’s smiling, settling into this new space.

Things change when YOU change.

If you have a dream that is not your reality – you want things to change.? You can’t make things change by trying to force them to be different.? You can create space for things to change by creating change within yourself.

You can grow into the you-who-lives-your-dream.? You can learn so much about how this version of you is different from the you you are today, and how to move towards more of what you want.? You can heal the parts of you who are afraid, unsure or believing false stories about what is possible for you.

This way you grow gracefully into your dream, instead of striving and sacrificing and working your ass off.

This is exactly what all of my classes help you do – in different ways, because inner transformation is a big job so it’s good to have a lot of tools!

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