Implementation is not instant

Last week we did Structure Routines Habits. It feels like such a whirlwind!

It was just a few questions each day to explore this from different angles, but it feels like a lot got stirred up and I’m not quite sure where I am with it all.

I mean I have a lot of VERY GOOD IDEAS for things to do, and more clarity than every about what I want this to look like, and I even tapped into the feeling of how I want to feel in these routines and habits and how supportive the structure will feel.


Here I am. Waking up foggy. Like I am still my old self, but I see the path to my new self but I’m like… can I trust it? Do I want to just take a nap instead? Do I really want this?

There is such a sense of SAFETY and COMFORT to be found in hiding in old routines.

Even after we outgrown them! Even when we KNOW we want the new routines.


How do I bring this safety and comfort with me into the new things I want to be doing?

That’s the question to sit with today.

My new routine/habit ideas don’t feel unsafe in any way, it’s just… that “BUT THIS IS ALL NEW” feeling that feels unsafe.

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