In a meditation last week, I saw how my own relationship with my inner power got thrown this last year and a half.

power meditation

In this meditation I saw how my inner relationship with my power could use some work, to bring it back into alignment.

I saw how this will make EVERYTHING easier: like meeting my business goals for this year and putting my new guided journals out there, but also just having a fun life outside of work too.

Our world is profoundly messed up when it comes to power.

It feels like our power gets taken from us by these huge systems we live in, like capitalism, white supremacy, the patriarchy, and also in smaller ways all the time.

Like we don't have the power to CHOOSE who and how we want to be.

And sometimes we really DON'T.

And sometimes we really DO, but we don't see it.

Calling your power back is about being more powerful in how you show up for yourself.

This makes it easier to live your outer life in alignment with your inner truth.

I originally did The Superpower Creative Journal Class in 2014, and in that meditation the other day I was given the message to do it again.

I was shown how I need this POWER-UP for myself so I can meet my goals for the rest of 2021.

So I decided to do it as a group thing, because I am sure I am not the only one who needs this right now.

The Superpower Journal Class is a deep-dive energy healing of your relationship with power. With creative play and glitter markers.

It's an energy-shifting healing circle, with a guided journal full of processes to help you HOLD ON to that shift, and bring it into how you life your life.


It's happening August 24 at 1:00 pm  Central, North America.

To find out what time this is in your time zone, use this link. Enter the above date + time and for location choose Canada: Manitoba: Winnipeg. Then, under place to convert to - put your location.

Included in the class: 90 minute live Zoom class + the recording, 28 page printable guided journal and mandala colouring book.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 90 minutes to listen the class or attend live (you may want more time to keep journaling afterwards, or you can come back to it another day)
  • Computer/phone/tablet with internet connection to listen the audio class
  • Printed copy of the Superpower Journal Playbook (or you can keep it on your computer/phone/tablet and do the journaling in your favourite journal)
  • TOTALLY OPTIONAL: Art supplies for getting creative with your journaling - use whatever you like, all you really need is a pen and paper.

The Superpower Creative Journal is only open to members of Dream Book.

You can join us for this class (which is worth way more than the monthly subscription cost of Dream Book) and totally ignore everything else - or you can use this as a change to check out Dream Book and see if it's right for you.

If you've got some dreams and goals to catch up on before the end of the year. Dream Book will help.

In a meditation last week, I saw how my own relationship with my inner power got thrown this last year and a half.

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