Jacqueline opened her etsy shop!

No one EVER starts out already knowing HOW to do their dream.

It's just part of the nature of having a dream.

And yet, something about not knowing how can easily trigger us into feeling it like it's impossible.

That's where Jacqueline Manni was just one month ago, about opening an Etsy shop to sell her gorgeous art.

And then last week she sent me this message:


I joined Dream Book a month ago because I really wanted to start an Etsy shop with my artwork in it, but didn’t know how or even if I should (unworthiness gremlins!).

Well, that first month of journaling, affirmations, coloring, and videos got me through it, and I now have a new Etsy shop!

It really does feel like a miracle because I didn’t know the first thing about how to do any of it, but working with you inspired me to take the leap even though I didn’t feel ready.

Here is my baby

In Jacqueline's words:

I chose to share this painting, Morpho Eugenia, first because of all the palette knife work!

When I first wanted to paint many years ago I took a studio class, and would lay down about three brushstrokes an hour — I was petrified of making a mistake! My teacher noticed and told me to buy a palette knife and use it instead of my tiny brush. I warily bought it, stared at it for a few weeks, put it away, and didn’t start using it until last year! Now I can’t imagine working without it. It’s turned into a bit of a talisman, representing how much healing I've done around my artistic practice.

I also chose this painting because it incorporates another big love — literature.

It was inspired by the novella Morpho Eugenia by A.S. Byatt, which is one of my favorites. I finally got painting after studying literature, which led me sideways into Book Arts, which then led to painting. I incorporate so many things I learned in bookmaking into my paintings, too — this painting is backed with decorative paper as a reference to endpaper, for example. Plus the ephemera. I just love paper, and work on paper as much or maybe more than canvas.

Finally, I chose this painting because it takes into account my darkness as well as my light.

Although there is a fair bit of whimsy and butterflies and such in my work, there is also a gravitas and even a sadness. I’ve been letting that come out more and more, which feels really good and true. The reason I want to paint, and have a place where people can see my work, is because I want to make my soul visible. I can’t do that without both light and darkness.

Go check out her whole shop - it's gorgeous!

And I hope her story inspires you to think differently about what FEELS impossible for you right now.

Jacqueline opened her etsy shop!

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