It’s easy for me to have what I want

This is one of those classic new age affirmations:

It's easy for me to ___ (fill in the blank with something specific) ___

And the idea is that you're supposed to repeat it to yourself until you believe it. You're supposed to CHANGE your belief that it's hard to have your dream.

It's NOT that hard to change a belief. Beliefs are just thoughts we think so often they become weightier in your unconscious. There are lots of tools for changing beliefs, for creating a belief system that makes it easier for you to achieve what you want in life.

But this work can be downright violent.

If the shallowest part of you, your logical mind, decides that you want easy money and a big house and sets out to change your beliefs to make this possible for you to achieve... what are you doing, really?

First of all you're allowing your shallowest self to be in the driver's seat in your life. Not usually a great idea.

But more importantly, you're allowing your shallowest part of yourself to bully other parts of you into thinking the way it wants you to think.

And in the process you're totally erasing the reasons why you have the beliefs you have.

You have the belief system you have for a reason.

Some of those reasons are pretty benign.

And some of them are protective trauma responses.

Some of them are tied to other core beliefs, which are there for really good reasons...

I mean you just don't know.

To say: Everything would be better if I had a belief that money comes to me super easy all the time is dangerously short-sighted.

Last weekend we took the kids to my friends' farm. On the drive home we were talking about Henry Ford and the regret he felt at the end of his life over how his mission to make cars accessible to everyone had changed the world in really negative ways.

Since then I've been thinking about how short-sighted we are can be, when we're in the thrall of inspiration with our creative dreams.

And how this short-sightedness can lead us to take a different path than the one our wisest self would choose.

Which is not to say you should give up on all of this change your life stuff.

The problem is when you put your logical mind, your shallowest self, in the driver's seat.

So - put your deepest wisest genius self in the driver's seat.

Which means instead of DECIDING what to chase after - make space for LISTENING for what is most true for you.

The bonus is that this deeper wiser genius part of you is also the most POWERFUL part of you, so once you get aligned with what this part fo you wants - it's much easier to do the outer work of making it happen.

It's easy for me to ___ (fill in the blank with something specific) ___

I've been using this mantra and am encouraging my Creative Dream Circle members to use it with me for the next month.

Not because my logical mind decided this certain thing should be easy.

But because after months of listening and following direction from my inner wisdom, I am doing a thing that is really HARD for me.

And because my inner wisdom is clear that this is the thing for me to do now, I started using this mantra to help make it more doable for me to do the thing.

See the difference? It's all about which part of you is in the driver's seat.

You’ve got a lot of magic in you.

And I’ve got a lot of tools, tips and practices to help you use it more effectively as FUEL for your DREAMS.


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