I’ve been creativly blocked like CRAZY

Tomorrow I’m hosting a Virtual Treasure-Mapping Tea Party.

For the past few days, I’ve been completely tangled up. ?I’ve spent about 20 hours writing and re-writing the plans for this tea party and it’s still not right.? I’ve spent all the rest of my hours thinking and stressing about it.

These events are primarily about energy work play.? Shifting the energy in the relationship between you and your dream, to make it easier for you to make your dream real.

So when I’m planning them, it has to FEEL right.? Like the event is a container that can hold that kind of transformation.

But it wasn’t feeling right.? And I didn’t know why.

I started to doubt myself.? But this was happening beneath the frustration and stress I was feeling about not being ready for an event that was rapidly approaching.? So I didn’t realise that was the real problem.

I started listening to the voice that said:? A THREE HOUR Playdate?? That is RIDICULOUS!? Who has TIME for that?? MAKE IT MORE USEFUL!

I started working against myself.

This is what most creative blocks are.? YOU doing something that stops YOUR creative flow.

Creativity doesn’t stop flowing on its own.

Doubt, fear, listening to inner critics, trying to change what’s coming through because you think it’s not good enough, trying to control the process, lack of trust in your creative genius – this is what stops creativity from flowing.

And that’s where I’ve been the last few days.? Fun times!

Last night I had a good long meditation.? I brought myself back to my truth.

Then I looked at what had been happening over the past few days.

And when the voice came back: A THREE HOUR Playdate?? That is RIDICULOUS!? Who has TIME for that?? MAKE IT MORE USEFUL!

I giggled.

Yes, no one has time for a three hour playdate with their dream.? That’s why it’s important.

A commitment to a monthly playdate with your dream shifts the inner relationship with you and your dream, opens up possibility, creates opportunity and dissolves obstacles.

The art of MAKING time for a three hour playdate with your dream is the art of bringing a dream to life.

And that’s what I am here to teach.? How to creatively play your way to your dream.

And that booming voice started swirling around.? Like it still believed that it is right.? But it also sees that this IS what I’m here to do, and it doesn’t know know to handle these two opposing facts.

So I tried to help it.

Andrea: Listen, I KNOW that most people in this world will not make time for a three hour playdate with their dream.? You’re right that if I make it more practical and shorter, more people may sign up.

Voice perks up a bit: I am right!

Andrea: You’re right about that, yes.? But then I would have diluted my teaching in order to get more people to sign up.? And that’s just not where I want to be.

Voice: Oh, right.

Andrea: I know you were trying to help.? You want things to be easier for me and I appreciate that.? But let’s remember that happened at the last one of these events… magic!? And let’s remember how important it is that I trust myself, and that I trust what I know.

A big part of bringing a dream to life is letting go of this-is-what-people-are-supposed-to-do so you have more room to hold YOUR truth.

creative journaling

I woke up this morning bursting with ideas.

I could see that supporting others in the revolutionary act of MAKING time to PLAY with their DREAM is big, important work.

I know what I’m doing.

It’s ok to trust myself.

As long as I am being as true to truth as I can be – I can’t get this wrong.

And now I’m off to un-tangle all the tangles and re-plan the plans for tomorrow’s Dream-Growing Tea Party.

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