Journal Picnic today at the park…

I’m experimenting a bit with my routine, trying to find the places with the most flow.

I find summer heat draining.? And air conditioning obnoxious.? So finding places with any flow at all is a challenge some days.

This week I’m experimenting staying home all morning, and going for a journal picnic in the park in the afternoons.? (Usually I journal before I work because the Creative Journaling uncovers magic, activates genius and makes everything deliciously clear + easy.)

So here I was this afternoon:

And as soon as I sat down I felt STUCK.

I have been working on this new plan and noticed that I am really STUCK around moving out of planning and into doing.? I started to journal about it and very quickly my journal gave me some advice:

Over-planning is a trap you fall into while trying to avoid fear.
Side effect: you also avoid your dream.
Solution: Dive in. Play with your dream. Give your ideas form. Do not wait until you’ve got the “perfect plan”

Which totally resonated with people on Facebook.

Except, well, you know how it goes.? That’s great advice.? And it’s true.? And knowing that is different than being ready to act on it.

So I called in the parts of me who were ready and the parts of me who were not ready.? I gave them each space to voice their fears, concerns and desires.

And it all became clear.

There was this one beautiful space where each of their needs overlapped.

I was delighted to discover that that space was a Treasure Map.

I re-wrote my Very Serious Plan as a Treasure Map!

Then I called in the heart and soul of my dream and the heart and soul of this new project to bless, activate and magic-i-fy the Treasure Map.? And also: make sure I didn’t miss anything, and offer their advice and feedback on how to best navigate the Treasure Map.

And now tomorrow morning I don’t have to face this New Big Plan.? Instead, I get to take my first step on the Treasure Map.

Happy!? I do believe from now on I will make Treasure Maps instead of Very Serious Plans.