Creative Freedom, Superpowers + Giving Up Control

I started the day with my creative journal.

We had a Playdate With Flow in the Creative Dream Circle?and I wanted to journal, doodle + draw about Flow to prepare for it.

As my mandala drawing went further and further away from what I thought it was “supposed to” look like, the message became clear: you can INVITE flow in, you cannot CONTROL flow.

Good lesson.

Flow Mandala

At the Playdate, when we first invite Flow into the Circle, she appears to me as a mermaid. ?She lives in the ocean of infinite possibilities.

She tells me that if I let her – she can take me right to where I need to go.

The important word there feels like LET: ?If I tighten up, then I can’t go with her. ?If I don’t trust her to lead, then I can’t be led. ?She asking me to look at that control pattern.

Then we did an energy process to energetically get into the flow, to explore it from being inside it.

Except I didn’t want to.

Or, a part of me didn’t want to. ?A part of me was afraid of what would happen if I dove all the way in – well, there’s no telling where I’d end up!

So I kept exploring this resistance to and desire for being in the flow.

Somehow this belief is in my way: this belief that I’d have to choose between being fully in the flow and being the conscious creator of my life.

The mermaid giggles.

Flow is only going to help you to consciously create your life. ?Come on -you know how Creative Soul Alchemy works. ?

Oh, right. ?It’s not true that I have to choose. ?So I ask this belief/fear to show itself.

It’s a little boy, holding a plastic toy ship, wearing a paper sailor’s hat. ?He’s convinced he has to be in charge or else he can’t promise that he, or his crew, will be safe.

Suddenly there’s this huge crew of (grownup) sailors behind him. ?I feel the weight of his responsibility to them.

Looking at him I immediately see how there are different ways of being in charge. ?And how the way where you try to control everything is really not the best (most effective) way.

I definitely want me, and my crew, to be safe. ?I want us to get to where we want to go.

To do that, I have to work with flow, not against it. ?(Of course!)

And the boy turns into a wise sage.

Flow is my friend and partner when I remember that I create from the inside, not the outside. ?Control is only useful if you’re only creating on the surface, which is really just for fools.

I go back to the energy process for entering the flow.

This time: woooooosh! ?Into the flow I go. ?It’s all sparkles and tiny soft stars and coloured lights and smoothness.

It’s not even a teeny tiny bit about giving up creative freedom. It’s much more about activating creative?superpowers.

The message: You can only enter into the flow to the depth that you are willing to commit to living from your center.

And then we move onto the next part of the Playdate: we bring our dream into the story.

My dream shows up as a starfish. ?Somehow I know it’s a starfish but I don’t know where it is, or what it’s doing, or how to find it.

Flow reaches deep down, deeper then where I’m able to be right now, plucks it out of the ocean and puts it on her head. ?Then she poses dramatically and giggles.

I take my dream, fill a little container with Flow, and put the starfish inside it.

The starfish starts to dance and light up and smile.

Flow and my dream definitely want to play together.

The coolest part?

While I was on this adventure, members of the Circle were using the same process to go on totally different adventures.

And as we share our stories, we learn about all these different aspects of Flow.

I learn so much on these days, the kinds of things that make no logical sense at all, but shift something deep down inside, and open up new space for new?possibilities?and new adventures.

My life has become so much better and brighter since I made the commitment to do this every month.

Next step: NAP TIME! ?I’m sure I’ll wake up with all sorts of new ideas about how to implement what I learned about flow.

Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps