Journal Prompts for when nothing is working

Journal Prompts for When Nothing Is Working

Take 10 deep breaths, with your hand on your heart. Imagine sending yourself love.

I'm so sorry that you're feeling this way... AND... It's totally ok that nothing is working right now.

Everyone experiences this, this is a natural part of being alive. It's ESPECIALLY a natural part of being a growing creative being pursuing your dreams.

Some parts of the path just suck. It's not a reason to give up or beat yourself up.

The only way out is through.

We all naturally try to avoid discomfort but you're going to have to go right THROUGH it. This is the brave work that your dreams demand of you.

Journal Prompts for when nothing is working part 1: This feels awful!

We start by processing your feelings a bit, because you can't uncover any useful intel while you're emotionally tangled up.

Nobody likes this part. But be brave. What's going on? Start by just writing it out.

How does this make you feel?

Try to be more detailed and descriptive about how it makes it you feel.

How do these feelings feel in your body?

Are these feelings familiar? Have you felt them before about other things?

What are the tools that are available to you, for processing and healing your feelings? List them all and choose what you want to work with right now. (If you can't think of anything, start with sending LOVE to all of your hurting inner selves) (If you're in the Creative Dream Incubator Coaching Membership - check out the Library of Inner Work practices)

What do you really NEED right now?

Journal Prompts for when nothing is working part 2: Exploring the situation from different perspectives + looking for new possibilities

What if everything is working just fine and it's YOU who needs to change? (In some situations, like when dealing with systemic injustices like racism and ableism, this is NOT a helpful prompt. In other situations, like when YOU really are the thing that's in your way, it can be very helpful.)

WHY do you think things are not working?

Is your answer to that last prompt true, or are you making up a bullshit story to hold yourself back?

What are the possible gifts in things not working right now?

What haven't you tried?

Why haven't you tried it?

Come up with 5 ideas for things you could try next. Break those down into super small teeny tiny little steps.

Remember the only way out is through. Go do one tiny thing.

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Journal Prompts for when nothing is working

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