Solstice Meditation + Journaling

Since it's the Solstice today, I did a special Solstice meditation and journaling process instead of our usual Monday Morning Creative Genius Planning (I do those live every Monday on Instagram).

I thought I would share this one on my blog too:

If the video is not working for you here - watch it on Instagram.

Here are the journal prompts from the meditation:

Who do you want to become?

How do you want to feel, how do you want to be experiencing your life?

What do you want to be creating?

What kind of impact do you want to have?

How do you want to show up?

How do you want to show up for yourself?

How do you want to show up for your dreams?

How do you want to show up for the changes you want to see in the world?

And Dream Book is ongoing through the holidays ! I'll be there every day in the daily posts! This is a really great time to join us, to get some extra support for what you want to do in 2021.

Details + registration are here

Solstice Meditation + Journaling

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