Let’s lift each other up.


Helper-People Group Coaching is four weeks of live, weekly group coaching calls where we focus on the work of bringing your work to the world: making big plans, launching impossible projects, doing that thing you really want to be doing.

This can mean something different to everyone – I believe that all dreams, when brought to life, serve as a light for others to bring their dreams to life and in that way – all dreamers are helper-people.

You?ll start with a specific intention for what you want to do/learn/figure out/manifest during the month and, together, we?ll dig in and make it happen.

It’s going to be similar to Creative Emergence, the free 30 day course on making magic happen that I did on my blog in September 2015… but with the added element of ACTION. ?In Creative Emergence the practice was to connect with the heart and soul of your dream and journal about it every day.

For this I’m going to ask you to connect with the heart and soul of your intention for what you want to create every day (or as often as you can) and also TAKE ACTION towards it every week.

What action you take will depend on you – each Monday on the call (if you attend live or listen to the recording) you’ll come up with your own homework assignment.

We’ll use our private?forum for sharing our homework assignments and tracking progress – and for anything else you want to talk about as you do this 🙂

The group energy will help you succeed

Even though each of you will be working on something different, being a part of a group of people who are all taking action helps bolster everyone’s efforts.

Knowing that other people are out there, pushing themselves (reasonable pushing – we won’t bulldoze over our comfort zones or anything) helps you push yourself to keep going when you may feel ready to give up.

Hearing other people talk about their process will inspire you – we learn so much from each other.

We can literally lift each other up into our dreams. ?It’s going to be magic.

Each call?will start with a short meditation for connecting with the heart and soul of your intention for what you want to create during this program.

Then we’ll explore together – you can:

  • come on the line to talk to me about where you’re at and get cheering/advice/coaching
  • type your question into the question box while listening to the webcast
  • leave your questions here in the forum ahead of time if you can’t be there live (have them here before Monday in order for me to answer them on the call)

So essentially we’re going to get together and talk about the work of bringing your work to life – every Monday for four weeks. ?It’s going to be awesome! ?We’ll learn from and be inspired by each other.

At the end of each call I’m going to ask you to think about your homework for that week. ?What ACTION do you want to take to bring this dream to life?

You’ll make the decision about your homework from a place of deep connection to both the heart and soul of your dream and you own intuition – so you’ll be moving in the right direction, at the right pace for you.

If you get stuck I’ll be there to help.

If you can be on any of the calls live – come on the line and I can coach you through your?stuck.

If you can’t make it to the calls live, you can work with the un-sticking station and then post your?questions in our forum and?I’ll address them on the next call.

We start Monday, February 8.

This is free for all Creative Dream Circle?members – click here to?read more and join the Circle.

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