There is room for everyone. No one can steal your dream.

Last year I hosted?a free tele-summit. ?Every day for a week I had 2 coaching/teaching calls, and each call had a different guest-teacher – life?coaches, spiritual healers, teachers, artists.

During one of the calls, a woman came on the line to comment how amazing she thought it was that each and every guest was supportive and encouraging of me and my work, and I was supportive and encouraging of them and their work.

She could really feel the?love.

She was amazed that we were not competing with each other – that instead of fighting over potential clients we were working together and lifting each other up.

This is a pretty common fear for dreamers?and would-be dreamers: that there isn’t room for them.

That someone else is already doing the thing that you want to do.

And that because that other person got there first – it’s not there for you now. ?You’re just screwed so you may as well not even try.

But that’s not how it works. ?There is room for everyone.

And the only person who can steal your dream is you – by not giving it what it needs to grow.

See, I don’t see other coaches/teachers as competition – I see them as my colleagues + support system. ?Because we’re all in this together. ?We’re all trying to create a better world.

And no one understands what it takes to do what you want to do better than other people who are doing it too!

So when you band together with people who are doing what you want to do?you strengthen and grow everyone’s dreams – the more we support each other the more we all grow.

It’s not like McDonalds and Burger King both competing for the burger market.

I mean once you’ve had a burger you’re good until you’re hungry again. ?The burger satiates your hunger.

Really good coaching/inspiring/teaching?only grows your hunger for more.

I mean I am always taking classes and working with mentors to help me grow to the next level. ?The more I am helped by this work the more I want it.

Plus as I grow myself and my life the people around me notice this – and they want it too. ?So they sign up for classes and coaching too because they want what I have.?And so on, and so on.

It’s really not like McDonalds out there in the world of?competition. ?I mean McDonalds is actually harming it’s own customers – hardly a model for a stable healthy long-term business.

Of course they succeed because our society is sick.

And the life coaches and healers and teachers are working to change that. ?To create a new world. ?A healthy world.

It’s a totally different model.

And in this model, the more we support each other the more we all grow.

This is why I do helper-people group coaching. ?Because we are actually and literally stronger together.


For the last two years I?ve run this as a small coaching groups. ?In these groups I have helped people to:

  • Figure out how to start their helping business
  • Create marketing plans that feel good and inspiring?to implement
  • Narrow down their ideas and figure out where, exactly, to focus
  • Start blogging + vlogging (video blogging)
  • Find ways to factor self-care into their work day
  • Work on boundaries with clients?and customers
  • Find the courage to raise their prices
  • Decide if self employment is really for them or if there is a different way for them to help

This year I want to make it more accessible so I?m doing it as a bigger thing, free and open to everyone who is a member of the Creative?Dream Circle.

Starting this Monday, February 8 we’re going to gather together and help each other launch our projects out into the world.

These calls are for coaches, teachers, healers, therapists, artists – anyone who wants to put their projects/ideas/work out into the world.

You?ll start with a specific intention for what you want to do/learn/figure out/manifest during the month and, together, we?ll dig in and make it happen.

I?m not going to promise that I can make the path easy or anything like that (I think it?s hard for a reason ? we?ll get into that on these calls).

But I can help shine a light on the hard parts and help you navigate them with more ease and grace.

I can offer guidance, encouragement and?ridiculous amounts of inspiration and motivation to take some big steps towards your dream this February.

We?ll focus on two areas: helping you get better at helping people (grow your self/skills) and helping you help more people (grow your work/business).

Again ? helping the helper-people group coaching is going to be free for all Creative Dream Circle members. ?So if you want to get in on these calls just join the Circle.


The calls will happen?February 8, 15, 22, 29 (Mondays at 11am Central).

All calls will be recorded. ?If you can?t be on the calls live you can email me your questions and listen to my answers on the recording and participate?in the online forum.

If you?ve got any questions about how this can help YOU, just send me an email using the contact form on this page.

Looking forward to this!

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