Let’s start this week in the gentlest way possible

I made a new Creative Genius Planning video, this one is for gently easing into a new week:

Creative Genius Planning Sessions are about doing your weekly planning from your most wise, brave and creative self.

You get to your next level with your dreams by being your next-level self, doing next-level things.

(There is a 15 minute Basic Creative Genius Planning Session right here (meditation + journaling class) for planning your amazing week.)

Do you need to rest or do you need to get organized?

I am working on 2 new circles for January!

One about DEEP REST where we get together on Zoom and REST TOGETHER (!) and also journal + talk+ figure out how to get more of the rest we on an ongoing basis.

One about GETTING ORGANIZED AF where we get together on Zoom and get our shit together, together! We'll literally DO THE THINGS together, and if you get stuck getting organized, I'll coach you through it.

They will start next week, both will be included in your Dream Book membership.

More details to come soon.

Let\'s start this week in the gentlest way possible
Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps