Do you need to REST or do you need to GET ORGANIZED?

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Pic: Last week's planning page in the Year of Dreams 2022 Weekly Planner, Visioning Journal + Creative Dream Playbook.

Do you need to rest or do you need to get organized?

I did a live call in Dream Book on Dec 30, and half of the participants were saying they couldn't keep up with the Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022 Journaling Extravaganza and felt like they need a month to just REST before they can even think about what they want to do with their new year.

Most of the others were feeling like they wanted to dive into the new year, but weren't quite sure where to start.

Being well rested + organized are BOTH helpful, nurturing things - for your self care today and for creating the life you want to be living in the future.

Your dreams LAND different when you are deeply rested. You can HEAR your intuition different when you are deeply rested. Deep rest is the oil that keeps your dream machine humming nicely.

Your dreams GROW different when you are organized AF. It's easier to stay calm when you've got a plan you trust. It's easier to GET THNGS DONE when you have everything you need - supplies organized at your desk and a to-do list that makes you swoon.

So I am doing 2 new circles for January:

Well Rested: where we get together on Zoom and REST TOGETHER (!)

We'll start with a short restorative meditation and then you'll actually go lie down for 30 minutes then come back to finish the call - and then come back together to journal + explore + figure out how to get more of the rest you on an ongoing basis.

Organized AF: where we get together on Zoom and get our shit together, together!

We'll literally DO THE THINGS together - clean your desk, make a plan, order supplies, whatever it is you need to be READY TO GO with your dreams - and if you get stuck getting organized, I'll coach you through it.

They will start next week, both are included in your Dream Book membership.

Well Rested will happen at 3 pm (North America, Central) on Jan 12, 19 + 26.

Organized AF will happen at 3 pm (North America, Central) on Jan 10, 17, 24.

(You can use this time zone to translate from Winnipeg to your time zone)

Of course not everyone can be there live. There will be replays! And you can leave comments as you watch the replay, and I'll respond right there in the comments, or talk more in-depth about your situation in the next call.

>>> Join us here.

Do you need to REST or do you need to GET ORGANIZED?

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