Letting your dream come to you instead of chasing after it.

Letting your dream come to you instead of chasing after it.

This is a zoom call open to all Dream Book members, happening on April 9th.

When I say “zoom call” I mean it’s a cross between a healing/alchemy circle, a group coaching call and a community spellcasting.

These are powerful rituals and I should stop calling them “zoom calls”.

This topic was suggested by a Dream Book member who is looking for more EASE and I thought it was such a great idea.

I talk all the time about SHOWING UP CONSISTENTLY and DAILY PRACTICE and YOU ARE BRAVE! KEEP DOING THE HARD THINGS and that can start to feel like a slog and that’s not how I mean it.

Showing up… to chase after a dream that is outside of you and very hard to get to

Is different from:

Showing up… to meet with a dream that is very much coming to you, and wanting to be with you just as much as you want to be with it.

Remembering that your dream actually is NOT outside of you, it’s INSIDE of you, helps immensely. This is a calling. It’s already in you.

This is one of the places where we have to re-wire our brains a bit, because they take on so much cultural conditioning about how things happen.

Your dream IS real. Spiritually, it exists. Otherwise you couldn’t dream it. It’s got it’s own energy signature which you can draw on.

Yes it IS your work to do the bulk of the physical work. But your dream can be your PARTNER in that work, to make it so much easier.

And on this call we’ll do some healing work around allowing the ease and support of truly partnering with your dream so it can COME TO YOU instead of you feeling like you are chasing after it.

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Letting your dream come to you instead of chasing after it.