Live call tomorrow: Marketing As A Creative And Spiritual Practice

(This is a monthly call that is open to everyone in Dream Book - you can join us here. Once you have your login info, go to the "zoom calls" section of the menu on the website to get the call details. Or shoot me an email and I will send it to you.)

You know that your gifts are needed.


It's so easy to be conflicted about offering them. There are SO MANY external and internal things to work through.

And that's why I think making it A PRACTICE is essential. This is NOT a thing we can just "figure out" and then be done.

And I think making it a SPIRITUAL practice is essential because offering your work to the world is a sacred thing. And the relationships you get into with your clients is sacred. So let's honour this truth in ALL aspects of how we practice marketing.

And I think making this a CREATIVE practice is essential because that makes it more engaging and also when you follow inspiration you get in tune with your creative genius, and your creative genius definitely knows how to meet your marketing goals in ways that work with your values AND are fun for you to do.

And when you bring that all together - and practice it - you create your unique way of reaching the people that your work is meant for.

When this idea came to me it felt so important. Like - yes this is a difficult economy to do business in.

AND/BUT/BECAUSE so many of the "things that used to work" aren't working as well - this is the perfect time to drop some of those rules and get more deeply rooted in your own inner knowing and unique ways of doing things.

Marketing is not rocket science. It's about connecting with the people that your work is for. You know how to do this.

Yes, parts of it are UNCOMFORTABLE (though not IMPOSSIBLE). But other parts of it are sooooo satisfying, fun and creative!

I am LOVING these calls and am so excited to see where we all go as we explore this.

This is our second call in this series. In the first call I shared one practice for exploring this and then we had THE BEST discussion about all of it. (I do suggest making time to watch that one if you haven't yet)

In the call tomorrow we'll do that practice together again and then I want to offer 2 ideas: a practice for bringing intention and power to how you put yourself out there and a bit of a challenge to look at how you can practice being more VISIBLE over the next month.

BUT these are YOUR gifts and YOUR WAY is the only best way. So - whatever has been coming up for you as you've been practicing is an important thing to keep exploring.

I'll share a different them, idea, or practice at each call but I'll always encourage everyone to put their own spin on it.

And we'll have loads of time for discussion - that's always the best part!

Hope to see you there!

Live call tomorrow: Marketing As A Creative And Spiritual Practice