JOY is a SUPERPOWER: The Love Your Life project

Joy is a Superpower

My next class is the Love your Life Creative Journal Class.

I’m not going to teach you about joy in this class, I’m going to create a container where you can get exactly what you need to move forward with your unique relationship with joy, on your unique life path.? This could mean:

  • a healing
  • a new perspective on what joy is
  • an idea that totally changes your life
  • permission to be happier, right now
  • encouragement to transform the limiting belief that is keeping you from being happier, right now

I never, ever, dictate what you’re supposed to get out of the class or force you onto a specific path.

Because it’s too beautiful to instead offer the thing you didn’t even know you needed, but now that you have it, it’s like you feel more whole.

Sometimes people get frustrated about this.? They want more direction and clear instructions.? But as soon as they start to play with it they see – there is freedom and possibility and, magically enough, they always find exactly what they need.

This is because my “classes” are actually energy containers for healing & transformation.? This is why my students are always telling me that my classes help them feel more whole.

This is the thing I’m proudest about, about my work.? That I have learned how to create these containers of magic + possibility so effectively.

Also, it means instead of spending lots of time doing lots of traditional “class planning” I get to spend my time working with the energies of happiness, joy and love.? That’s pretty rad.

And as a result, I joined a choir, I go biking every day (!), I’m having adventures, I’m making art that lights me up.

Most remarkably: Suddenly I’ve got a steady stream of new members signing up for the Creative Dream Circle without feeling like I’m working at marketing.

Not only is being happy awesome, joy is actually a superpower.

Joy magnifies and magnetizes.? Joy is the gas pedal for your dream machine.

So the happier you are, the more stuff you end up having to be happy about because you become a SUPERHERO OF JOY.

Joy is more powerful than obstacles.? Just like water is more powerful than stone, joy will wear down obstacles, smooth out rough patches and flow you towards a whole ocean of delight.

I mean – gosh! Imagine letting joy wear down the rough patches for you, instead of trying to power through or move boulders or figure it all out in your head.

It’s revolutionary.? It’s amazing.? It’s actually what we’re wired for.

And even though all this stuff is changing in my outer world, it’s totally not about the outer stuff.

Setting out to make changes in your life so that you can feel happier is a total drag.

Forcing yourself to play? Not fun.

Shaming yourself into making time for the things you love? Gross.

The frustration of trying to do more happy-things but they somehow always feel out of reach? So painful.

The solution is, of course, to focus on the INSIDE.?

Gently shift things around.? Carefully carve out new spaces for joy to hang out.? Send out clear invitations for joy to come and visit and maybe even shack up with you.

This is my Love Your Life project.

Allowing the changes that happen in your outer life to come out of the inner changes… gracefully and EASEfully and at the exact perfect pace for you.

A funny thing about the universe is that it can bring you something that is much, much better than the thing you think you want/need.

Because you decide “I want/need this” from your HEAD.? Your HEAD, cut off from your heart, your creativity, your inner wisdom, your power, your purpose…. and your HEAD, as beautiful and wonderful as it is, doesn’t know the whole story.

This is why this kind of work makes you somehow feel more whole.? Because it’s bringing you into deeper alignment with your inner wholeness.

It’s brings you more than you asked for and helps you be happier than you think you can be.

It’s so beautiful.? I hope you join me on this journey.? Click here to read about the Love your Life Creative Journal class.


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