FREE Guided Journal + Mandala Coloring Book for Self-Love.

What it is: 15 pages of journal prompts and hand-drawn mandala coloring pages to explore and colour.

Mandala Coloring Pages + Guided Journal for Self Love


It’s a beam of creativity & love, from my heart to yours.

This book is designed for people who want to lead creatively abundant lives ? and do ?impossible? things, with ease & joy, every day.

Filled with journaling prompts, unique energy alchemy processes and hand-drawn healing mandala coloring pages, this book will lead you through the process of learning more about your (amazing!) self.


There is magic in this book.

You activate that magic by playing with it.

Play in whatever way you want to play. Use whatever art supplies are fun for you: glitter pens, crayons, collage, etc.? There are no rules here.

The journaling prompts are tiny little diving boards, for you to dive off of into your own adventure – go off on tangents and explore whatever thoughts come up in the process.? They will lead you to amazing places.

The healing power of the mandala coloring pages is activated when you colour them in, lighting them up with your unique creative expression and ideas.? (If you want to explore mandalas further and draw your own, I?ve got an easy-peasy anyone-can-do-it How to Draw Mandalas Tutorial right here.)

My hope is that this book helps you to fall more deeply in love with your amazing self.

mandala coloring pagesmandala coloring pagesmandala coloring pages


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FREE Guided Journal + Mandala Coloring Book for Self-Love.

You’ve got a lot of magic in you.

And I’ve got a lot of tools, tips and practices to help you use it more effectively as FUEL for your DREAMS.


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