More on why Dreams/Ideas are DANGEROUS

Yesterday during Connie’s Holiday Paint Party (a super cool live streamed art journal party – you can watch the whole thing here) Connie asked me if I get a lot of ideas and I said yes… and I added that following an idea blindly is DANGEROUS.

I was at the paint party to draw a mandala and chat with my friends, I wasn’t in teacher mode.

This morning, teacher me really wants to clarify and explain this because it is really important and what I said may be misconstrued.

Creative people have a lot of ideas.? We’re open minded, we’re connected to inspiration, we love ideas so ideas come to us.? This is good!

But acting on all of those ideas is NOT good.

Ideas will meet you in the state of consciousness you’re at, in the moment.? Most of the time, we’re not fully aware of our state of consciousness.

For example, let’s say you’re carrying a story about how our mother doesn’t approve of you.? You’ve carried the story so long you’re not longer aware that you’re carrying it, but it is energized in your consciousness.

An idea comes in that is a perfect match for this story about your mother.? An idea that this part of you believes will finally win her approval, once and for all.? Again – you’re not aware of what’s happening on this level.? You just know the idea feels exciting and inspiring.

So you jump into it.? You ride the wave of inspiration.? You pour your heart and soul into bringing this idea to life.

Either the creative process goes well or it goes badly.

If it goes well:? you successfully bring your idea to life, but your success feels hollow somehow and you don’t know why.? You don’t feel the way you thought this would make you feel.

This is because deep down inside you wanted the idea to succeed so that you could gain your mother’s approval and change how it feels to walk around carrying this painful story.? But even if your mother loves the idea and cheers you on – the story is deep inside of you.? You have to consciously change the story that you carry in order to change how you’re feeling.

This is so dangerous because it feeds a new story about how dreams aren’t worth it and it’s better to just ignore them and you’re not going to be happy anyway so why bother.

Or, if the creative process goes badly: you end up all tangled up in fears and painful feelings you don’t understand.? Or you resist the creative process because on an unconscious level you know this is attached to that painful story you don’t want to go anywhere near.

This is so frustrating because you know you’re more than capable of doing this thing, but it’s like something is holding you back.

This is so dangerous because now you’re going to add a new story to carry around about how when you go after your dreams you fail.? About how you’re not good enough and you don’t follow through.

It’s all tangled up, on the INSIDE.

This is why working with dreams soul-to-soul, inside-to-inside is key.

Your dream is about how you think you’ll feel when you have the thing.

Your dream is about evolving into the person you know you can be.

Your dream is about bringing your creativity and purpose to life.

Your dream is SO MUCH more than the surface thing you want: a solo art exhibit, a published novel, your dream house, etc.

When you stay on the surface – get an idea – run with idea – make idea real – you miss out on the fulfilling and magical part of it all.

This is why you connect with the idea, soul to soul, before proceeding.

Then, in the example I’m using here, you’ll immediately see that what you really want is some healing for this painful story you’ve been carrying about how your mother doesn’t approve of you.

And when you focus on that healing work, other parts of your life “magically” start to fall into place.? Because this story has been impacting you in a lot of ways, for a long time.

And when you focus on that healing work, new ideas spring up.? Ideas that are more connected to who you really are and what you’re here to do, and less connected to this painful story you are no longer carrying.

And, if you stay connected soul to soul as you play with those ideas – they turn into dreams come true.

They help you bring your life into deeper alignment with your inner truth, with your gifts and creativity and purpose and heart and soul.

This. Feels. Amazing.

If you want to know more: the Creative Dream Circle Initiation page has audios that lead you through this process.? (the initiation is free).

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