Watch Me Make A Big Dream Real, Part 2

OK, I need a catchy name for this series!? But for now I am going to call it what it is: watch me make a big dream real.

I am so grateful to me-from-last-week who started this series and made her commitment public last Friday.? (If you missed it, that post is here)

On Sunday I was doing my regular Sunday stuff, including tidying up in the DreamLoft.? I was enjoying the happy hum of the clothes washer while sweeping and I looked out the window and thought “MAN I am happy here!”.

This space sparkles.? It’s perfect for me.? I thought about how happy I am here and how happy I am doing the work I’m doing.? And, you know, maybe I don’t need to reach for “more”.

Maybe this is enough.? I am already living with so many dreams made real.? I love helping others to do the same as my full-time gig.? Why this push to help so many more people?

side note: This is a good question!? You want to know the WHY behind your dream – you don’t want to go to the work of transforming yourself and bringing a big dream to just to keep up with your neighbours, or because your mom wants you to.? That only brings you further out of alignment with your truth.? But because I use the tools of Creative Dream Incubation my dreams are already aligned with my purpose and soul and heart and creativity.

When I sat with the question, I saw how it was rooted in fear, laziness, resistance and a desire to HIDE.

And I was so grateful I’d made this public commitment and I couldn’t just quietly pack this dream away.? Because that feeling grew the whole rest of Sunday and Monday.

Not just… why bother?? But also a growing feeling that this dream is bigger than me and I am not ready.

And I did want to give up.

But that feeling only lasted until Tuesday.? I think that’s a really important thing to remember when you feel like giving up: it’s just a feeling.? Feelings change.? Don’t give up.

On Tuesday I posted my 100 Reasons Why I Can Do This.? If you did not read that post, READ IT NOW and then make your own list.

On Tuesday I felt great!? I led a free tele-class on How To Stay In The Magic No Matter What Is Happening Around You and it was amazing.

Participants were having the most amazing realizations and I could feel the magic sparkling in the air. I am in love with my work, and with the people who show up to play with me.

Then I went to see a doctor about a rash I’ve got on my legs.? It’s itchy and gross and I had tried every natural thing there is and it’s still CRAZY ITCHY.? Doctor gave me some drugs – an anti-itch pill and a rash-healing cream.

Wednesday I woke up 2 hours later than usual which I NEVER do.? I felt groggy all day.? The last time I took a pharmaceutical was about 10 years ago.? I am so sensitive even Advil makes me loopy, but this stuff REALLY makes me loopy.

Loopy, groggy, mellow and ready for a nap.? That’s how I felt all day.? Kind of the opposite energy of “THIS IS MY DREAM AND I AM MAKING IT REAL, DAMNIT!”

But I remembered this:

When you commit to your dream, everything that happens next happens to support you in the process of bringing that dream to life.


The things we think of as obstacles, roadblocks and the universe “testing us” are actually doorways into new possibilities. It’s just our seeing them as obstacles, roadblocks as tests keeps us from seeing the possibility, opening the door and stepping into dreamland.

Pills that make me groggy are actually tiny little doorways into a new possibility.? Pills that make me groggy are here to HELP ME make my dream real.? So, thank you pills!? I will be learning more about you and the superpowers you are here to share with me over the next three weeks.

So being groggy and slowing down right when I think I need to speed up is good.

I’m already seeing that – it’s so easy to get caught up in all the details of things to do when growing a business.? It’s so important to stay connected – heart to heart and soul to soul – with the purpose of what you are creating.

Then you’re coming from a place of real power.?? Like a giant at the bottom of the sea can flick his fingers are create a huge waterfall up on the surface.? And a person up on the surface can use all the energy they have to flail about and not displace anywhere near as much water.

The deeper down you do, the more power you have.? That’s how Creative Soul Alchemy works.

What I did this week:

Last Friday I said I wanted to figure out what I am going to DO and I did it!? I made a list of what I need to be doing every day and every week to stay in the flow of making this dream real.

I’ve created 3 sections: daily practice, weekly practice and business things (the work).

Daily Practice:

  • Meditation A (A being quiet stillness deep connection, no Creative Soul Alchemy work)
  • Meditation B (B being transforming energy, lots of Creative Soul Alchemy work)
  • Journaling
  • Artmaking

So of the daily practice things, only one (Meditation B) is actually focused on making the dream real.? Everything else is focused on nurturing me.

Before a tree can grow bigger branches and more leaves, it needs a larger root system.? Same goes for dreamers.

I always did meditate, journal and make art most days.? Now I am deepening my commitment in the name of growing larger roots.

creative journaling

Weekly Practice:

Right now I only have 1 weekly practice, this may change.? Every week, I want to spend some time re-reading my favourite business books and e-courses and exploring new ones.? A steady stream of information, inspiration and ideas for my brain.

Starting with Unveiling The Heart of Your Business.? The first business book I read that was profoundly helpful, because it puts all business stuff into spiritual terms – it speaks my language and approaches business as a beautiful heart-nurturing thing.

(Unveiling The Heart of Your Business is highly highly highly recommended)

The first time I read it I was soooo new to business and still had a lot of negative/limiting ideas about what business is, that I had to step over and work around before I could get anywhere.? Now that I have cleared a lot of that, I am interested to see what new gifts I find in this amazing program.

But, since I’m telling the truth here, I will share that I didn’t get to this this week.? I did put it on my iPad so I could easily take it to the coffee shop to play with.? But that was my plan for Wednesday afternoon and I was just soooo groggy from the new pills I took a nap instead.

Self-Compassion is a good companion on the path to making a big dream real.

But having compassion for not doing the things you said you’d do is not compassionate at all – it’s an unconscious self-sabotage system.

The greatest act of compassion is to hold yourself to your commitment to being the person you want to be.

In the grand scheme of things, do you want to have your dream made REAL or do you want to be coddled in your excuses?

I want my dream.? And I want to be compassionate towards myself in the process – so loving and compassionate towards myself that I keep the promises I make to myself.? So I am re-committing.? In fact, I am promising to spend some time with Unveiling The Heart of Your Business this weekend.

Actual Business Things:

This is where I found a really interesting question:

Is it enough to step up what I have been doing or do I need to create a totally new plan?

(I’m going to write a whole post about that question for Dreamtastic.? It’s a really genius kind of question to be asking + exploring and it helped me figure out what to DO with this new business goal of mine.)

I did my How To Stay In The Magic tele-class.

These classes take me about 2 days to create, prep for, facilitate and recover from.? Because we’re doing deep down Creative Soul Alchemy – shifting energy, healing wounds and dissolving blocks, it takes a lot of energy to create and hold that kind of space.

My free tele-classes are NOT just promotional things where I try to convince you to sign up for my programs.? They are helpful + inspiring actual classes.? But they ARE a promotional tool in that once people experience the magic of working with me, they tend to want more.

The Creative Dream Initiation is the same thing… a helpful and inspiring Try Before You Buy for the Creative Dream Circle.

I also:

  • Updated the Creative Dream Incubator page.
  • Scheduled the next Incubator session to start on January 28.
  • Brainstormed how I want to promote the Creative Dream Incubator in January.
  • Posted about the Creative Dream HOLYday: Virtual Playdate & Creative Dream Retreat happening on January 3.
  • Wrote 2 Dreamtastic posts: 100 Reasons Why You Can Do This and How To Blend Lots of Dreams Together.
  • Came up with a system for scheduling things on Facebook so instead of posting everything at once when I’m there, the posts are more spread out.
  • Started re-arranging things inside the Creative Dream Circle to make space for the new stuff.
  • Met up with Lisa Wilson from Being Breath?to talk about our videocast, part of 21 Secrets LIVE in 2014.? Wowee we’re going to throw an amazing creative playdate together.? (Join 21 Secrets LIVE right here – weekly video streaming art journal playdates!? With 21 different inspiring teachers!)? This is not directly related, and I said yes to this project not to grow my business but because it seemed like it would be so fun.? But collaborative projects like this do get your work out to new audiences.
  • Wrote this post.

?When I look at it like this I feel disappointed, like I did too little.

Even though How To Stay In The Magic took a lot of bandwidth this week.? Even though I’m on this new prescription that is making me groggy.

Hey… No Matter How Much I Do It’s Not Enough… I see you there and I choose a different perspective.? I remind you of how much inner work it takes to schedule + announce new classes.? I remind you that I’m giving time and attention and love to each thing, doing fewer things but doing them with more care.? I remind you that this post itself is MONSTROUS and it takes time to write MONSTROUS blog posts.

And, I’m writing this on Thursday afternoon.? I still have all of Friday to do the rest of the things on my list.

Oh, what’s that?? I finished my list?

So, can we call this enough then?? Yes.? Deal.

And Friday afternoon I can go out for coffee and a cookie and leisurely plan out what I want to do next week.? And while I’m at in, I can even get started re-reading Unveiling The Heart of Your Business.

My plans for next week:

Well on Monday I’m doing this:

Holiday Paint Party

It’s free, click here to join!

And I’m going to work on a plan for all the behind-the-scenes things I want to have done by January to start this mission with a BANG.


I got this idea this morning, to keep a running tally.? Mostly, at the end of this I would like to be able to show that Hey you can have a lot of monsters + obstacles to overcome… and still make that dream real.

Monsters = limiting beliefs, inner critics, fears

Obstacles = outer things that come up and seem to be thwarting my plans

Sold Steps Taken = though there have been millions of baby steps, I am counting each thing in the “Things I Did” section.

Monsters Overcome: 4

What you have already is good enough, I am not ready, I want to give up, No matter how much I do it’s not enough

Obstacles Navigated: 1

New prescription makes me groggy + loopy

Solid Steps Taken: 11

Not a bad start.

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