My creativity heals me

We are doing the 30 day journaling + meditation invitation for the month of August. An explanation of this project is here. I'll be posting an update here every day (M-F) for the month of August and I'm also doing short videos on Instagram to share things I am learning along the way.\

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OMG! I woke up feeling SO inspired and excited.

Giving myself a few days to really feel sorry for myself for not feeling as enthusiastic and motivated about my creative dreams as I want to be really helped!

Also, I think the new supplements (herbal support for menopause) are kicking in. I just feel better all around.

ALSO also, I just laid in bed and read books for a few days. I really was worn out and now I feel replenished.

Slow the fuck down can be so magical and healing, even when we resist every second of it and are crabby all the way through.

And now that I am feeling better I am NOT going to jump up and do ALL the things. The world depletes me right now, and I want to stay mindful of that. I want to stay in my own bubble as much as possible.

I just spent some time pinning new ideas to my murals Pinterest board.

Next week we start the deconstruction/reconstruction/re-arranging of the Dream Loft which includes... painting.

Though we had NO idea what colours we were painting, which is REALLY weird for me. I am all about colour and you'd think I would already have a million paint samples in here and I have exactly none.

I know I want to do murals but NO idea what kinds of murals.

It felt exhausting to think about it. SO I didn't.

And then when it didn't feel exhausting to think about anymore, the project CAME TO LIFE but it also brought ME to life with it.

I have so many ideas now.

It's this really intense experience of my creativity healing me. I feel so grateful for it.

AND my creative ideas are expanding.

The plan was to do a mural in my new studio and in the new bedroom. But now I think - why stop there? What about the 20' tall walls? How wicked would that be?

Before I was NOT interested in climbing a ladder that much but now it feels exciting and fun to climb a ladder that much and make this happen.

I am so grateful for this shift. I love it when I feel excited about new creative projects.

AND this has spilled out everywhere. I have more energy and it's like my brain is working better. I am starting to catch up on admin-type things that had fallen behind.

Creativity is SO healing. I am SO grateful.

My creativity heals me

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