My notes on authenticity

Authenticity is the place you access you superpowers.

When you’re not being true to yourself you cut yourself off from accessing your superpowers.

Authenticity holds your dreams.

No matter how far away they start to seem, or how lost you get, they’re always safely held, right there.

… ditto for your magic, infinite creative potential, joy and light.

Authenticity makes things so simple.

When you’re being true to yourself it’s easy to know what to yes to and what to say no to.

But authenticity is not a destination.

You’re not either there or not there, it’s about the degree of connection in the moment.

Authenticity can be buried by many layers of patterns, masks and the roles we play.? But it can’t be diminished or harmed in any way.

Even when you are far away from it, it is very close and accessible to you.

Today, as I explore in my creative journal, my authentic self feels like deep bright coloured leaves and freshness and openess and grounding and a shimmering golden light holding it all.

True Self Creative Journaling
True Self Creative Journaling


This morning I asked my True Self about my business and how she would run it differently.? Instead she drew me a map of how she sees my business which gave me a totally new perspective of, and love for, how I am doing things now.

She also explained that changes that I am thinking of making in terms of her map and showed how the changes are not “changes” as much as “natural evolution” and how, even with those things changed, the flow stays the same and I can relax into and trust that flow.

Advice from your True Self feels different than any other kind of advice.

There is something nourishing and colourful in it.? And it feels, well, true, right deep down in your soul. There is a steadiness and a grounding in receiving that kind of advice that is just not present when you seek advice from other sources.

Because there are so many layers to everything, most of the [internal and external] advice we receive is not good advice.

It’s easy to believe you are listening to your heart but really that’s a familiar old pattern speaking to you and the familiarity feels like comfort which feels like truth, but it’s not.? It’s aim is to hold you in that pattern often while making it look like it is helping you move towards what you really want.

That’s why it seems so difficult to create a life that is filled with all the things you really want.

I am so grateful that I took some time to draw myself into alignment to be able to receive that advice this morning.

Because it’s so different from what seems like the “logical right thing to do” and it’s not something I could have come to any way but through deep connection to my true self.

I think the thing that surprises me most about true self is how little we are connected to it, most of the time.? And then how much everything changes with a little mindful connection.

I’m exploring Authenticity today because it’s our theme for the April PLAYDATE.

How authenticity can help us bring our dreams to life with more ease (and fun!).

You are invited.

Playdate with your True SelfI do a monthly playdate in the Creative Dream Circle.? And for April you can join even if you’re not in the Circle!

Playdates are also known as How To Fill Your Life With So Much Magic It Actually Sparkles.

It’s an amazing process that allows you to plug into your creative genius so you can get whatever inspiration, intuitive wisdom and creative dream superfuel you need right now.

Words cannot convey how amazing these Playdates are. I?ve actually been sitting here trying to find the right words to describe the magic of the Playdate to you, and I can?t.

I can tell you that I have been running them monthly in my Creative Dream Circle since September and very month they deliver:

  • magic
  • miracles
  • life-changing shifts in perspective

Ready? Let’s play.

Registration: $37 (US)

We shall Playdate On April 3, starting at 11am Central (Click here to find out what time this is for you.).? It will be 3 hours long and include 4 phone calls, with breaks in between for playdating on your own.

It?s amazing if you can be there live, but people do report having just as much success working with the recordings.? You?ll still love this, even if you can?t be there live.

Registration includes:

  • access to the live calls and recordings of the calls
  • four Playdate workbooks playbooks

You?ll leave the Playdate with:

  • a new understanding of what Authenticity? means to you
  • a deeper connection to your True Self
  • unique + effective ideas for how to stay more connected to your True Self
  • which adds up to increased access to your SUPERPOWERS and ability to create your world

?What you need:

  • phone line and computer to access the calls, hear the recordings and download the playbooks
  • journal and whatever art supplies feel fun for you
  • three uninterrupted hours (or you can break it up into segments and playdate over a couple of days or weeks)

Looking forward to playdating with you.

PS: If you want access to regular Playdates and Teleclasses at a lower price, (plus a ton of extra stuff like my Creative Business Incubator and Advanced Creative Badassery Resource Library and an ongoing private forum) you are welcome to join the Creative Dream Circle.

If you are already a member of the Creative Dream Circle don?t register for this playdate! You get it all free in the Circle, of course.

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