What is a Creative Dream, and how many can I have?

A Creative Dream is anything you want to create in your world.

It can be big like creating a thriving business.

It can be small like creating time every week to do something fun.

It can be an internal thing like learning how to be calmer and happier.

Or an external thing like learning how to speak French or fly a plane.

Also: figuring out what your dreams are is a perfectly legitimate dream.? People seem to think they can’t start making their dream real until they know what it is.? That’s not true.

Some dreams contain other dreams within them.

My business, for example.? The business itself is a dream.? Since it is my source of income, my dreams for material goods and a comfortable, supportive lifestyle are a part of it.? Also my dreams for traveling and having a flexible work schedule and making exquisite self-care a part of each day.? Each product I create begins as a dream of a thing I want to create.? Etc, etc, etc.

My biggest dream, of living my purpose, is the whole reason for my business.

It’s like the neverending matryoshka dolls of dreams.

Some days the dream I want to focus on is simply being who I am and radiating that out into the world.

Some days it’s much more concrete.

There isn’t a wrong way to do this.

If you have never made a dream real then I do suggest picking one, just one, to start with.? Pop it into the Incubator and make it REAL.

People tend to not be able to choose just one which only serves to put all their dreams on the shelf.?? It does not matter which one you choose, it only matters that you choose one or else you could spend the rest of your life trying to decide and and up with nothing.

Once you have learned how to make one dream real then you learn how to work on multiple dreams at a time.

At this point, I am juggling so many dreams I can’t even tell you how many there are of them.

And that is why I am writing this.

To remind myself that every dream is legitimate and important and beautiful.? And every dream needs space and it’s own unique nurturing practices.? Juggling them disrespects all of this.

What I am working on right now in my business is creating a new tool to help you (and me!) manage living with multiple dreams while growing other dreams.? “Manage” with play, creativity, spirit and fun.

So I am exploring, with a magnifying glass, the ways that I do live with multiple dreams while bringing others to life, looking for ways that I can do this that are more supportive, fun, creative and effective.

Today I am exploring each and every dream, opening up each nested doll to find the treasures inside.? Filling journals up with my dreams and all the things that each dream needs to grow and thrive.

ps: If you’re feeling stuck with your dreams: please get in touch! I have perfected the art of the QUICK UN-STICK. In a fifteen minute phone call I can get you happily grooving along the path to your dreams.

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