NEW VIDEO: There’s no such thing as a person who “doesn’t follow through”

"I don't follow through" is not a part of who you are. It's not your inner truth.

Not following through is a symptom of something else.

And saying "I am just a person who doesn't follow through" stops you from figuring out the CAUSE of that symptom and exploring WHY you are not following through.

And it stops you from figuring out what would help you follow through on the things you really do want to be doing.

Listen. "I am just a person who doesn't follow through CANNOT be the truth of who you are because it means that your dreams are impossible.

And they are NOT.

This video leads you through a process of untangling some of this so you can make some different choices and create new options with your dreams.

Keep going.

"Not following through" is a SYMPTOM and to change this for yourself, you need to work on the CAUSE.

To start: You need to explore and work with the thoughts/feelings/ideas that came to you in this video.

This is the work that will detangle this "I don't follow through" story and give you space to create a totally new story for yourself.

Free Resource:

The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens Healing Circle and Inner Work Workshop

Do this workshop using "I don't follow through" as your obstacle and you will find a way to work through it.

Guided journal!!

The Build The Path By Walking Guided Journal is ALL ABOUT the follow through.

It will guide you through the process of taking steps, and learning as you go.

Grab your copy here.

If you're in Dream Book:

Remember that EVERYTHING you to in Dream Book is helping you to dissolve un-helpful patterns and create new nourishing dream-growing patterns.

So every time you show up for ANYTHING in Dream Book, you are doing this work.

Any time you get lost: Here is the checklist of everything in Dream Book. Go to the next thing on that list and follow the link.

But to go deeper into this inner work:

Check out The Library of Creative Dream Alchemy: Inner Work Practices

Start with the Un-Sticking Station but if you notice you are not doing that, then go to the video for when you are avoiding the Un-Sticking Station.

KEEP DOING THIS. The Un-Sticking Station will absolutely show you what you need to do to change this for yourself. You just need to keep showing up and working with it.


Read the daily mastermind posts for daily reminders to come and join me in doing the work.

Do the new moon alchemy calls to set intentions for what you want to focus on over the next month.

Try the Focus Pocus 21 day program for getting focused.

I am mentioning all these things NOT because you need to do them all!

It's just that creative people need options.

Pick the one that appeals to you now and just do it.

Your dreams are counting on you.

You got this.

NEW VIDEO: There’s no such thing as a person who “doesn’t follow through”

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