Are you afraid to put yourself “out there”?

On Monday I launched the Year Of Dreams Epic Playbool for Healing, Magic + Dreams Come True.

Playing with this week's coloring + journaling pages for The Year Of Dreams Epic Playbook. #happy #coloring #journaling

In the past, every time?I would put something new out there I would be super crazy nervous.

In fact, I would spend much of the day actually bracing myself for bad reactions. ?“This is stupid” “Who do you think you are, anyway?”?

Which makes sense!

Putting a dream out into the world is vulnerable and tender and scary. ?It’s like putting your heart out into the world…?what if the world doesn’t want it?

It’s terrifying.

But?now… now?I actually enjoy putting my ideas out there.

On Monday I flung?my Year of Dreams Epic Playbook out into the world, feeling fulfilled and happy and excited to be doing it.

Then I spent the day just being happy about it.

I got here by being there.

Each time I put something out there, and worked through my fears and doubts, that made it easier to do it again the next time.

I’m not saying to throw your dreams out into the world before they are ready. ?I mean if you want to be a life coach then get life coach training first. ?Coach people for free until you feel sure of your skills. ?Then put an offer out there and let people know it’s your first offer.

Don’t pretend to be an expert when you’re a beginner.

But?don’t let being a beginner stop you from beginning.

Every time I have an idea, and then carry it through to completion and put it out into the world I grow towards my bigness?which is just a really delicious thing.

I wanted to share that with you, in case you’re feeling unsure about putting your dreams out there.

You?don’t have to feel ready or brave or sure or anything like that. ?You just have to be willing to try – to take the step that’s in front of you to take.

When I put on my first creativity workshop I was absolutely positive that this work would never be able to generate enough income to support me. ?Absolutely positive.

I was just happy to do the workshops, that people would come and play with me.

My big dream at that time was to work down to 3 days a week at my office job so I could?have more time to explore this work.

And now I just celebrated my five year anniversary of leaving that job. ?My creativity workshops most definitely do make enough money to support me – it just didn’t happen in the way I envisioned it back then.

Taking steps towards what I wanted changed my perspective, opened up new possibilities and led me to live a bigger dream than I could imagine for myself back then.

It’s really magic how that works. ?One step at a time.

PS: If you want some help working through the fear of not being good enough or not being able to find the time or space to work on your dreams or simply not knowing how to start – I would love to help!

I filled the Creative Dream Circle with everything you need to navigate the inner and outer work of bringing dreams to life as a way of growing into who you really are.

PPS: In February I’m going to be doing a series of group coaching calls for people who want to put their ideas out into the world – healers, coaches, artists, teachers, etc. ?These calls will be free for all Creative Dream Circle members – I’ll have more details?to share about that soon.

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