On wanting to hide, being FAR out of my comfort zone & what to do about it.

I’m out of my comfort zone.

I’m feeling extra-sensitive and resistant today.? Like I’d like to just hide under the covers.

And hiding under the covers is OK, but indulging in decadent self-care is much better.? So yesterday I took a hot aromatherapy bath followed by a nap – in the middle of the day.

Taking a nap in a sunny sunny space feels so decadent to me – another reason why I love the floor to ceiling south windows upstairs in my sleep loft.? (And see those crystals hanging in the corner of the window?? They shoot rainbows downstairs into my studio.)

Indulgent self-care is different from hiding under the covers.

Self-care re-fuels.? Hiding avoids.? Self-care maintains connection to your inner power.? Hiding disconnects.

Today I’d like to just hide.

Because I’m feeling so far out of my comfort zone.

But then I wondered… what if being so far outside of my comfort zone was good?? I mean, haven’t I been working so hard on making the big changes that have put me here?

I do this (awesome!) thing in the Creative Dream Incubator e-course (starting January 28!) about transforming your comfort zone – because when you really look at it, a lot of things in there are NOT so comfortable, they’re just familiar.

The comfort zone is really more of a familiar zone.

Feeling more comfortable with familiar than you feel with what-you-actually-want is an energy pattern you can work on.

But insisting that this is the only place where you can be comfortable shuts down the process of being able to do that.? MASSIVELY dis-empowering.

Hmmm.? So I sat down here feeling out of my comfort zone and wondering how I could be OK with this.

Remembering that I put myself here helps.

Remembering that I am a powerful creator helps.

Remembering that I know how to take care of myself helps.

But I still feel uncomfortable…

So I’m diving into my feeling.? What is it?? Where is it?

Mostly in my chest, but it kind of radiates out.? I want to crawl into my skin, or out of my skin, maybe.? Yes – I want to crawl OUT of my skin because I feel TOO VULNERABLE.

Ah.? So I have a vulnerability hangover.

Makes sense, given what I have been working on.

And because vulnerability is a key part of how I teach, this is a good thing.

So.? I am outside of my comfort zone & this is a good thing.

How do I bring comfort to myself right here?

Well, I did start already.? I’m in a cozy seat in a cozy coffee shop.? I’ve got a warm, fresh coffee and all of my journaling tools.

I can talk to the part of me that feels freaked out and find out what she needs.

I can make a list of the most deeply nourishing self-care practices… what comes to mind off the bat is to work this weekend, and take a spa day on Monday (spas are too busy for me on weekends).

I can breathe a little deeper and a little slower.

I can remember about how excited I am about the dreams I am moving towards AKA the reason why I am out of my comfort zone.

I can imagine my comfort zone stretching to include these things that I really do want (with a tiny escape hatch so uncomfortable things can just slip out).

I feel a gazillion times better now.

I can even giggle about the irony of posting this on my blog – this is the exact thing I feel uncomfortable about.? Being vulnerable.? Sharing my actual as-it-happens truth.? To a rapidly growing audience.

The part of me that is terrified about being this vulnerable is calmed by the part of me who sees how much this honest sharing-of-the-process really helps other people feel less alone in their struggles along the path to creating their authentic lives.

AND it helps to counteract all that bullshit about how it should all be glitter and rainbows all the time.? And the ideas that if things aren’t easy you are doing something wrong.

What I am doing here is important.

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