Pursing your dreams while the world falls apart

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There is no going back

Today my practice is: sitting with all of the feelings I am having about the state of the world and "how dare I wholeheartedly pursue my dreams while people around me are suffering?"

I have been writing and deleting and re-writing.

I was doing this yesterday, too. Yesterday's post was about my 67th try.

The reason it's feeling so urgent for me to recognize that ALL LIFE IS SACRED is because of what's happening in my city. A serial killer of Indigenous women was recently caught. A person was murdered in the library by 3 teens this weekend. And it feels like every day there is a new tragedy and my city is spiralling out of control.

I guess I just want to say: there is a lot I am not saying. There is a lot that I don't feel ready to share.

I am sitting with my feelings - using the Yikes! I Am Having A Lot Of Feelings and also the Un-Sticking Station practices and practicing my way into my truth.

This is the world I live in and dream in.

I did spend a lot of years in the new age/new thought worlds where it was encouraged to just be positive and not watch the news. I understand now how much that attitude relies on unconscious use of privilege, and that's not who I want to be now.

AND I can't let it consume me either.

Processing my feelings, even when it's layers and layers and layer and all very messy, is the way to find clarity and truth, it's the way to know what I want to DO.

So I've been doing a ton of that work, and all of it feels too raw to share.

I will just say, to anyone else feeling this way: please remember that it's not on YOU to save the world. That individualistic perspective is one of the things that is toxic about our culture. For every problem we face, there are already smart and capable people who have solutions, there are grassroots movements who are already doing the work - we don't need to figure out how to solve anything. We need to support the people who are already doing the work.

Pursing your dreams while the world falls apart

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