Sorry, can’t hear you over the sound of me getting my shit together!

(Photo of me doing my planning for next week on Friday FOR THE THIRD WEEK IN A ROW??!!)

✨Weekly planning is a miracle✨

Dream Book Resource: Creative Genius Planning Sessions

During the pandemic I stopped doing weekly planning with any kind of consistency because it was week after week of NOT doing the things I wanted to do so why keep trying?

And while I feel like a broken record about this, it’s still on my mind so I’ll keep talking about it - I haven’t been able to get back on track since. Maybe I have long Covid, maybe it’s all peri-menopause, but I definitely don’t have the mental clarity, focus and drive I used to have. 

But I still have creative dreams.

And creative dreams do us to take action and taking action is just really messy without a plan. 

We’ve done some amazing, healing Zooms on structure and routines in Dream Book recently and it’s really helped me sort through this to find a way to do this that feels supportive and hopeful. 

(Dream Book members: If you missed them, the replays are: Structure Habits Routines CallMarketing as a Creative + Spiritual Practice Calls: Calls 12 + 13 about habits, systems + structure)

I started with 1 rule: plan next week at the end of this week. 

This is not a rule I suggest for anyone else, I just noticed that by the end of the week I felt some momentum starting. And on Mondays I tend to feel pretty unsure of where to start my week. So I decided to use the momentum I had at the end of the week to plan the following week. 

It’s working really well. 

Which does not mean I am DOING ALL THE THINGS every week. Some things get moved into next week’s plan. That’s fine. 

Sometimes we just can’t do everything we want and sometimes we are planning unrealistically and we become more realistic and effective at planning by… DOING IT CONSISTENTLY. 

And the only way to be consistent at anything is to do it a small and easy enough way that you can actually DO IT.

Once you are doing it you can gradually ramp up if that’s appropriate. But often, we can make more progress than we think I’m with really tiny steps. 

And it’s not about forcing yourself to do the things you think you’re supposed to.  

I am astounded by how HEALING it is to follow through on my own ideas. To write the idea down and say: I will give this some time and energy this week. And then to do it. 

It makes me feel so optimistic for my future. 

If you’re not doing it, what’s the smallest way you could some weekly planning FOR YOUR DREAMS, not for the things you “need to do”?

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