Starting something new


It’s always the same.

First, I avoid.

I’m “too busy”.

I’m “not ready yet”.

Or “I’m just procrastinating”.

When avoiding?starts to wear thin and I’m left with no other options, and I sit down to get to work, that’s when everything tightens up. ?Starting with my shoulders, back and chest.

I feel my heart tighten up.

I feel how creativity and inspiration can’t flow in the tightness.

But somehow sadness can flow in it pretty good.?Fear makes space for itself.

Oh, right, this is why I was avoiding.

Who do you think you are. You are not good enough. This will never work. No one cares. You’ll do it all wrong anyway. You’re not good enough.

Years of practice have taught me to offer love to the voices. To not try to fight them or disappear them or obey them.

Love them.

That’s when the tightness starts to open up.

Once creativity and inspiration can flow they get bigger than the fear.

And off I go.

PS: If you struggle with staring you’ll be glad to hear that on Monday I’ll be sharing the details of a new mini-class I’m doing called Resistance Rx!

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